Decentralization: A Call To Action

“Individual liberty is individual power.” -John Quincy Adams

Day by day, the idea of decentralization is getting more and more attention. Though blockchain and DeFi technology are incredibly convenient and getting easier to use and access, there lies an underlying call to action for its users. We live in a world now where we’ve become almost entirely dependent on other people; From finances to skilled labor- we’re always having to decide between calling a professional, or bearing the load ourselves.

Decentralized Liberty John Quincy Adams Quotes

Taking Control 

All too often, we go with the former: call a professional. Not to say that’s a bad thing. Most of the time it’s probably a good idea… We don’t want to end up having to do that in the long run, so we go that way to start.

However, if we are to be truly decentralized, we must bear the load of certain tasks ourselves if we are to see the blossoming fruit of the value of decentralization. I’m not saying that we need to be able to build our own house or fix our own cars (not a bad idea though…). What I’m saying is that we cannot rely fully on others handling our assets if we are to take control of them. 

A call to Action: Decentralization Team Work

Decentralization calls us to take control. To be informed. To utilize the tools which have been given us. A call to be active rather than passive.

Power To The People

Decentralized technology puts easy to use tools right in our hands. Artists can take full control of their content with NFTs. Homebuyers will eventually be able to purchase a house without paying a hefty fee to a realtor. Everyone will be accountable for their own money, rather than trusting it with some centralized bank. 

As the economic system shifts from codependency to independent peer-to-peer transactions, we will also see a societal shift of increased responsibility and applicable knowledge. People will start to notice the value of having their hands firmly grasped around what is theirs, and flaws of our current system will only become more clear to see. 

Unfortunately, the greed of man works its way into any situation. But when people hold more power over their own lives, it’s harder for that greed to take form. Decentralization of finance is an amazing feat that is yet to come to it’s culmination. How much more should we push for decentralized government systems now that we can see the opportunity and freedom that lies within DeFi? 

The Call

We like to be complacent, take the easy way out… I mean it is easier, but in the long run, is it really? Is it easier to let others make your financial or political or even personal decisions for you? Well that all depends on who’s the one making them; In today’s world, those who seek to make your decisions for you tend to only be in it for personal gain rather than the well-being of the greater good. 

Decentralization and Liberty Liberty for All

If we are to be independent, it takes a bit of personal responsibility. Decentralization comes with a call to action. A call to autonomy. A call to individual freedom. Will you answer the call?


Written by SMH from on January 5, 2022


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