Bull Run 2024: Ready For Liftoff

“Exceptional thinkers ignore their critics and go about their business making history.” -John Eliot

2024 has been off to an incredible start for crypto investors. ETFs, green candles, exponential gains, new Bitcoin ATHs. Yeah a couple corrections or lulls thrown in here and there, but that’s all expected. We are witnessing history in the making as Bitcoin and the surrounding web 3 ecosystems assert their status in the market.

Entering The New Age

Skeptics And critics have had their fun over the last couple years after the pumps in the early 2020s. Since the end of 2023, however, we’ve witnessed what many blockchain enthusiasts have been anticipating: mass adoption. It seems as though investors have seen the light- both retail and institutional. 

Let’s check out some highlights:

  • Institutional holdings of cryptocurrency have increased to record highs
  • Retail holdings are up to record highs
  • Bitcoin hit new ATH multiple times in 2024 after breaking through $69,000 USD, hitting $72,000 and soon after upwards of $73,000

All before the Bitcoin halving expected within the next couple weeks.

Even in the light of the ongoing legal action against exchanges and the industry as a whole- the movement marches on.

Not If, But When.

Blockchain enthusiasts everywhere have predicted it since the beginning. Web 3 is the next .com boom. This is the next level. This is the new age of commerce. 

This next bull run will be more prominent than any we’ve seen thus far. Bitcoin will become more rare,  as Saylor stated: We’ve only just entered the “gold rush stage” of Bitcoin. The rest of the market inherently follows suit. We’re just getting started.

 We’ve been saying it for years. This is the dawn of a new era. BTFD and HODL. (NFA).



Written by SMH from on April 4, 2024

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