An Opportunity To Make A Difference

“May we think of freedom, not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right.” Peter Marshall.

Economic structures are rather fragile, when the masses have a regulated and limited amount of power and the few have unlimited freedom to do as they wish. We can clearly see the fragility, when opportunity gives individuals the ability to use the same devices and technology to innovate and take the upper hand over a larger financial institution. Sadly, when this fragility is seen of the market, it also becomes clear the amount of power the folks at the top really possess. Their system is usually so fragile that they need to be at the helm of the rules and regulations. These rules and regulations are (for the most part) nothing more than the foam packaging that protects the easily breakable item within. 

One way the few at the top regulates an economy is with market manipulation. A very prime example of market manipulation and the fragility of a manipulated economy, as well as individual power is this story that’s been blowing up this week about some group of interweb meme lords from reddit, basically destroying hedge funds by artificially inflating not one but multiple stock shares. These internet anti-heros went on, in a matter of weeks, to beat Wall street at their own game, saw how much power they hold, and manipulated the market for the gain of the individual investors. I encourage you all to check out the story.

Another thing this fiasco has exposed is the “foam packaging” I have aforementioned. When these hedge funds were forced to extravasate their money, as individual investors raked it in, it came as a shock to a great deal of individual investors when not only one but multiple trading platforms (well known, too) disabled trading on the stocks which were a part of this. There are many reasons stated for their disabling trading, however, the SEC is now under heavy pressure to investigate, saying that there is possible “misconduct” on the broker’s part.

It’s amazing what the individual minority can do. When given the opportunity to make a difference through the lawless land of the internet, these trolls did the ultimate troll to brokerage companies and hedge funds: They took the money they hoard and gave it to the people, using the same weapons that these entities use to keep prices and certain value going up or down based on their needs. As a result, there are questions being asked, thoughts being provoked and people taking action for individual freedom vs. the greedy controlling upper class. Hope y’all enjoyed! Stay informed, make a difference and stay tuned for more on economic opportunity!


Written by SMH from on January 29, 2021

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