A Word On Routine

“Over time, as the daily routines become second nature, discipline morphs into habit.” -Twyla Tharp

Routine is something that is essential to one’s success, many would say. It’s also something that people enjoy the absence of in their pursuit of whatever their success looks like. Either way, routine is seen as a tool for structure; it requires discipline, commitment and consistency, if you expect to see good results that is. 

Some routines we overlook if they’re not serving us well, however. Sometimes we can get caught up in routinely doing something that isn’t exactly healthy. Thought habits, sleeping habits, eating habits. Sure, these are subject to fluidity in a life lacking a disciplined routine, but if we continually think negative thoughts, the tone for our reality is being set. Likewise if we practice certain things in small doses: each little white lie makes it easier to lie the next time. 

We like to look at routine as something that builds up, but they too can tear down. Routine is always there. We just have to take control of it, whatever that may look like, Someone with a hectic schedule can’t have a routine day per say, but their thoughts and actions are where we see the routine on display. 

routine Discipline


In order to form any habit, routine is pretty much a necessity. If one seeks to make anything a regular course of action, time and energy must be devoted to practice and application. As mentioned above, we’re either doing this intentionally or unknowingly. Routines are often built around the intention of changing for the better. This is where discipline comes into play. There has to be that conscious corrective training. No good thing can be upheld without discipline.


For any discipline to shine forth, there has to be devotion. The willingness to carry out your desire and see an idea come to fruition is absolutely essential in doing so. This is the fuel behind the flame. Commitment gets our minds on the right page. When our minds are looking for growth and find pleasure in seeing the results, then that makes things a little easier as far as building a habit or making a lifestyle change. This commitment has to be noted and maintained day after day. We must be committed to growth, or naturally, we will be committed by default to declination.  

routine Consistent


As they say, nothing happens overnight. It takes time to form a habit. Though the popular opinion is that it takes a matter of days, there’s a variety of variables around any habit  that might develop. Things that are easier and more pleasurable usually don’t take as much effort or discipline to continue doing compared to something more strenuous and uncomfortable such as working out.

Routines are usually the latter for us. Taking a step to do those uncomfortable things in order to grow and set yourself up for success. Time must be taken day after day to make sure that a routine is maintained. To truly reap the benefits of any good deed, those deeds must be continually applied and acted out- a habit formed for but a season is no habit at all. 

Structure or Chaos

Structure and success are the fruits of a devoted and thought out routine, while chaos and confusion can be the fruits of a routine negative thought process. The choice is in our hands and our routines do indeed determine the outlook of the future. May our routines be set to get us out of our comfort zone and produce various kinds of growth. The power is in our hands, so let us seek to always improve and pay attention to the things we have control of.


Written by SMH from on July 13, 2021

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