Writing Contest of Contests on Blurt.world: Freedom #blurtcontests #coc

By OG Crypto | OG Crypto | 23 Aug 2020

Here is the First Writing Contest over on Blurt.World #BlurtContests #coc

The First Writing Prompt is : Freedom 

Click here to enter: https://blurt.world/coc/@ilnegro/contest-of-contests-1

Here is my short entry ....

What is Freedom ?

To me, Freedom is the ability to live your life as you want .... where you want and when you want with few worries and little stress about Financial demands.

It means Total Financial independence. Not needing to worry about how you are going to pay for your next meal or anything else.

To me Crypto offers this Freedom.

The ability to save and earn from the amount I have saved. Kind of how Savings Bonds used to work when you could earn 10% on your Hard earned Savings.

Maybe Blurt will be the one that gets me there.

To get there takes a lot of work, but eventually I will get there.

Freedom means to get up each day and do what you want. Kind of like how you feel on your 2 week Vacation.

Like today.... I want to get up, have a coffee, write on my Blurt blog about Freedom then go for a Kayak on the Lake.

I’m on Vacation so I can do that.

Have a great day. Make Freedom your Goal.



Contest Rules are as follows:

1. create a post regarding the proposed theme: Freedom 
2. comment on the Original #blurtcontest post ( below) by inserting the link of your post
3. use #coc as first tag and use also the tag #blurtcontests
4. upvote Post at 100% 

Contest: https://blurt.world/coc/@ilnegro/contest-of-contests-1


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