ShowYourPortfolio Contest. My Top Holdings ...

ShowYourPortfolio Contest. My Top Holdings ...

By OG Crypto | OG Crypto | 9 Jul 2019

This is a Screenshot of my Present Crypto Holdings. **

In addition to this I also have 4,600 Steem Power presently worth about $1,600 USD. 

So based on present day valuation my Largest holding is Steem. 


Why do I hold so much Steem ? Well actually almost all of my crypto comes from the Steem I have earned on since June 2017. I have earned all of this Steem from simply sharing my Travel photography and Artwork on and as soon as I have a few hundred extra Steem I send to Binance and convert to Litecoin (lowest fees) from there I send my Litecoin to Coinbase where I can convert to Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, DAI, Link etc.. when I see that Bitcoin is dipping against some of the other alts I convert to Bitcoin.. which is my second largest Holding. 


I purchased my 1st $50 of Bitcoin in the spring 2017 when Bitcoin was $2,300... I wish I would have bought a lot more. I also wish I would have converted all my Bitcoin back to Steem when Bitcoin hit $20,000 since I can earn so much new Steem with a higher Steem Power. Of course when Bitcoin plummeted to $3,200 I should have converted my Steem back to Bitcoin. My goal is to eventually have One Whole Bitcoin... I am at .1148 at the moment so I have a ways to go. 


Litecoin is my 3rd largest Crypto. Litecoin is fast and cheap to exchange for any other Crypto so I really like Litecoin as a way to move from any alt to Bitcoin. Also you can use Litecoin to buy Silver and Gold coins on so Litecoin is a very practical Every day use crypto. 

Lately my favourite crypto coin to collect is DAI StableCoin right here on Publish0x. I have already earned $3 DAI in the few weeks that I have been here .... I have sent to Coinbase and converted to LINK then to Bitcoin. Converting $3 DAI into about $15 worth of Bitcoin. 

I see a great future for Publish0x and very happy to be here earning some extra Crypto. 

Why do i I invest in Crypto? Well it all started out with my love of blogging and earning some extra income from my hobby and also a way to get paid for my photography and Artwork. I tried to make a living as an Artist and failed. Everyone wanted my Artwork for Free. So thanks to Blogger and Youtube I found a way to earn money with Adsense... about $100/ month  but every now and then Google would remove my blogs and all my work. So when Steemit came along I jumped on board. I hope to retire some day and continue to earn $$$ from sharing my Artwork, photography and travel stories here on Steemit and Publish0x ... so for me earning and investing Crypto is a Way of Life. 

** Note: The amounts in my Portfolio change from day to day as I move stuff around quite a bit trying to buy low and sell high. Buying Steem, Powering up, Powering down etc etc.

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