Are you running out of Toilet Paper ? Tip : Start growing hemp.

By Offgrid | Offgrid | 13 Mar 2020

I see that many places all over the World are running out of Toilet Paper.

What can be done ?

Here’s a Tip: start growing hemp. You will have full plants in 3 months.


Why Hemp Makes Better Toilet Paper

>Americans use an average of 50 pounds of toilet paper, per person, each year. This accounts for millions of trees being destroyed. While the Western world has cut back on paper usage with the development of technology, toilet paper is one area that cannot be improvised – or can it?

Before toilet paper was mass-produced, rich people would use hemp, wool or lace for wiping. Poor people used leaves, hay, rocks, seaweed, husks, or anything else that they could find lying around.....

>In 1857, Joseph C. Gayetty invented the first commercial toilet paper in the United States. His product was made from Manila hemp and the sheets were moistened and soaked in aloe. Sold as medicated toilet paper, they were sold in flat sheets in a 500-pack, priced at 50 cents. For the next 10 years, Gayetty marketed his product as an alternative to using scratchy paper from leaves and catalogs.

> Toilet paper, made from the industrial hemp plant, has been marketed in other countries for some time now. It is now being advocated by environmentalists and its consideration noted by several toilet paper manufacturers. Perhaps now is the time to take another bold step in revisiting the role of toilet paper. Hemp pulp is more resilient, breaks down easily, and keeps our forests intact. Take the toilet paper challenge and decide if hemp is the way to go. You can find many suppliers by searching for hemp toilet paper on the Internet.



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