Sorry I Hate Bitcoin And Ethereum

Sorry I Hate Bitcoin And Ethereum

By XTRM | Offbeat | 13 Nov 2020

It may not come as much as a surprise to us crazy Cryptocurrency kids of 2008 to present day... Well yes it did actually, I procrastinate - the value of firstly the big gun Bitcoin followed by Ethereum started to go stupidly high... I don't have to go into figures, but 2018 crypto values for the main went off the spectrum for a short time before the bubble burst - again for a short time - and now we see Bull Runs and spikes going bonkers around the exchanges.

Now to the absolute newbie one has to try and justify not only what cryptocurrencies are, why they exists, what the future is for crypto... The many different tokens, what's hyped, what's not... Shitcoins, Altcoins, Stable Coins, Privacy Coins... Now the newbie must understand the huge difference between the two big coins being Ethereum and Bitcoin. 

Some paragraph eh? I have not finished... Imagine being a newbie. 

The fees, Satoshi, Gas... And the full circle comes around to justifying the values and again fees... Mining fees... Yer lol the look on my Mom's face when I got to this point was of total bewilderment - ha and this before we even start on limits, minimum transactions... The difference between an Ethereum transaction and Bitcoin being completely different in many uses such a E20, DAI, USDT... The mind of a newbie must be blown away. 

But now to (clears throat) just simplify things Ethereum bring forth Ethereum 2.0 and more buzz and hype circles around Wrapped Bitcoin and Wrapped Ethereum and Co. 

You see where I am going with this? Then I am going to explain to the newbie how they are actually still classed as early adopters and it is a fantastic time to get into Bitcoin? Also because it will create many millionaires at some point, as will Ethereum and a few of the other major Altcoins - Boom... Another to explain to newbies... Altcoins! 

All-in-all the mind taxing amount of explaining Bitcoin and Ethereum and the physical time getting to grips with ever changing pathways within blockchains... It is in particular why I hate Bitcoin and Ethereum in many respects... 

But one thing one never falls out of love with and that's nostalgia... The tradition, the collection and mining of and the satisfaction of having hold of those every popular chunks of Bitcoin and Ether. 

Now sort out this fees business Bitcoin and Ethereum, and Ethereum in particular need to simplify DAI and USDT transactions with associated ETH fees... Bonkers. Almost wipes out the point of stable coins. 

Actually... I changed my mind - I still have a soft spot.


My Mom thinks Cryptocurrency is pseudoscience... 


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