For Newbies To Airdrop Crypto

By XTRM™ | Offbeat | 4 Dec 2020

As a pretty savvy Airdrop Hunter aka basically a Crypto Faucet user and promoter to an extent... albeit not so much these days... I tend to watch carefully the progress of any affiliates that have joined my teams where data allows - and tend to monitor how quick some referrals drop out of some faucets altogether.

I will say this is not a publication regarding the best faucets to earn cryptocurrency from. You could say this is more a quick tutorial on... Stop thinking you are going to make huge stacks of Crypto over night and pay attention - you might learn something about why some folk just do not have any success when becoming members of even some of the highest paying cryptocurrency faucets.

The good news is you are still early to the world of cryptocurrency even if you are just starting out earning cryptocurrency today - things will be moving up quite quickly over the next few years in respect to crypto projects and token values. This is what you are now targeting - not today... the next few years. 

Bluntly put the success of any business amounts to what individuals are striving to achieve and time spent working at goals. It is why targeting daily performance is a big part of marketing and earning opportunities. If you are not prepared to put a good 6 to 12-months of solid graft building up your faucet accounts, such as...

1. Logging in every day or as many times as per faucet allows, some being just minutes and others maybe a day.

2. Building daily bonus percentages when earning at a faucet that offers a bonus percentage of Crypto often up to 100-percent. This is a massive factor in increasing your daily Crypto earnings.

3. Building your affiliate program via friends and promotions - again many faucets offer good percentages on referrals - this is not going to build overnight... there is a lot of competition out there so being creative can help you build but expect time before you build an inventory that maybe works for itself.

4. Being savvy with your earnings is a must... don't be thinking that you are going to be earning a fortune overnight and always be on the lookout for that extra earning opportunity such as HODLing (saving) your earnings at an interest earning P2P Loans Portal such as NEXO. That was an invite plug by the way... I do like NEXO it is definitely a facility where your crypto pennies can grow so to speak.

5. Research and join airdrops and faucets with established communities. You will quickly build a list of your favourite faucets. These you can prioritise over a set period of time throughout the day. Alongside these main faucets you can start to add backup faucets for overtime.

These are just five priorities you must be achieving at a minimum daily... but don't be getting carried away thinking that you should be seeing faucets as a replacement for your usual job until you have spent time on your faucet building.

Stay the course and be resilient - cryptocurrency faucets can be a cheap alternative to mining. Yes you are going to have to put up with many adverts and some learning to adapt to how adverts help faucets to pay you... this is just part of faucets, you will be lucky if you do find advert free earning opportunities via cryptocurrency faucets.

Huge rule... Be patient and build.

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