Extra, Extra Read All About It! - PIVx - ZEC

Extra, Extra Read All About It! - PIVx - ZEC

I am laughing as I write this article, and yes I am being childish... Yes I am being a tad sarcastic... I did not know how to re-title this review.

I have had to edit the headline as... Well the algorithm hates every version I have tried to stop its hateful shadow ban type syndrome...

Anyhow teething problems of a youngster aside, on with the show... 

I had to laugh (doing a lot of that lately, it's 2020) while searching out the legitimacy of a new Cryptocurrency, pretty much airdrop website, Pipeflare. 

Since Pipeflare are a relative newcomer, I was met with a vast amount of plumbing resources - quite educational really and an eye opener. But recently the new graduate of airdrop faucets has hit the search engines to some very good reviews, and I for one can vouch for the team at Pipeflare.

You could call Pipeflare a Cryptocurrency Faucet, but in actual fact, well, it is of my opinion the would be faucet is more of an airdrop of currently two different tokens. 

ZCash (ZEC) 

Private Verified Instant Transaction (PIVX) 

PIVX are currently being airdropped with the tag line 'Limited Supply' - so it is basically get in while you can... I was actually quite surprised at how quick both currencies actually hit my Binance Wallet - incidentally where you can HODL and trade both tokens. A 10% kickback for you at the above invite link if you want a handy place to store your PIVX and ZEC *wink*

Once you have registered at Pipeflare - Because you will register (link at end of article)... Claiming is easy... Just add your Wallet addresses to the relevant Tokens then come back every 24-hour to claim both ZCash and PIVx from the airdrop claim button. 

Did I say tokens? Yes... You can claim both PIVX and ZEC once every 24-hours, claims are multiplied as you progress claiming the airdrop through the week. Also you can claim extra daily bonuses for adding your social media account, if you wish.

In addition to this Pipeflare allows you to claim both currencies PIVX and ZEC from the facility, however, PIVX is a limit airdrop so it is a get in quick thing if you want a few extra coins to help pay for fees elsewhere... Speaking of fees, there are none. As soon as you make the airdrop claim your tokens are sent to the Wallet Address you supplied. 

You must return every 24-hours in order to maintain your daily bonuses, which do reset weekly... These are based on a daily star system up to five stars, these also will reset. But the accumulation of tokens over the week paid straight to your wallet is very handy indeed.

I am very surprised at PIVX actually, a healthy supply of tokens at the first airdrop went on to even healthier amounts of token during the week - Love it! ... Albeit it took about 30-mins longer to arrive at Binance than ZEC's 10-mins lol.

Never mind me rambling on... Head on over to Pipeflare now before doing anything else... You won't be disappointed you made the trip.

That link if you want it... My invite *wink* here Pipeflare.

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Investigating which Cryptocurrency Faucets pay, pay quickly and those that do not. A laid back look at Crypto... Who are the Cloud Mining good guys and who are the bad guys... All reviews are my own findings after using any services mentioned...

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