2020 - 2021 And So The Stupid Burns Further Part 2

By XTRM™ | Offbeat | 6 Apr 2021

The ongoing madness on this planet as seen through my opinion... As usual these opinions are not that of PublishOx - My opinion that has seen borderline conspiracy theory to some, now showing up as truth... Oh what a surprise! 


1. On masks... Larger particle protection, not viruses and liquid agents as examples. Surgeons are in a sterile environment, they do not use them as an anti-contamination device against viruses, but larger particles. Example... Not nice getting a mouth full of blood from a rather happy artery. 

2. On President Biden and VP Harris - Going down as the most hated White House EVER... Biden is a desperately frail old man being used and abused in my opinion - maybe karma for his passed activities... Or is that just Harris? 😂

3. On the US Press Secretary - Jen isn't stupid, she does not believe this bullshit but she is given a nice salary, home and expenses for this absolute horseshit.

4. On America - The world is watching this American comedy/tragedy and wondering when the US people will demand an end to what is obviously one of the biggest electoral and political scams in history...

5. US Voting System - The con is clear to see and there is only one reason that you would not want an ID voting system yet OK with health passports - to create another fraud, just ask the dead people, and those counties that had more votes than population - DEMs knew it was the only way in, now to keep it that way they have no choice but to go by the way of socialist electoral and political tyranny, as they have not a hope in hell chance legitimately... Says a lot when a government has to lock down the Capital to stop people protesting. If that was Syria be sure US bombs would be dropped. 

6. On Coronavirus - I have studied virology btw, I am a qualified Audiologist... This virus is no different to any other year. Just the same Coronavirus that has mutated for millions of years. But uneducated brains would rather take on fear (as now admitted in a leak to the. British press that the British Government use the media to push fear rather than science) than educating themselves about Coronavirus and its viral history. Every year Coronavirus hit mainly Asia and Eastern Europe. Known as the Common Cold... Period.

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