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Hello everyone

I know, it's been ages since I've posted on Publish, I'm so sorry, it's been rather manic the last month and a half. We moved which entailed packing many many boxes. We decided to get out of the city and into the countryside, we found a lovely place 5 hours away in a place called Oudtshoorn with a big garden and more space. 

Apart from that, my hubby and I both signed up for Noise.Cash which we really enjoy. We've got a small community going of original photographers from all over the world that we follow. And, I finally took the plunge to start writing on Hive.blog too. You can find me at https://hive.blog/@andrastia

if you'd like to follow our adventures in the Klein Karoo and all the interesting wildlife. 



We've found some pretty awesome creatures since we got here, like this dragonfly above. There are a lot of interesting bugs out here. There are also amazing old buildings (mostly churches made of sandstone) and we've not even started discovering all the intricate details about this wonderful town. 

An old church

The town had a big boom during the early part of the 20th century mainly due to the demand for ostrich feathers. It is now the ostrich farming capital of the world. Ostrich eggs can be bought at the local grocery store. One ostrich egg yields the equivalent of 24 chicken eggs (that's a large omelette!). We visited some ostriches along the road side just after we arrived here. They were so inquisitive, probably thinking we might have food. 

Male Ostriches

We've also started really appreciating the garden space. The garden we had at the previous house was tiny in comparison. We get some cool visitors like the acrobatic, punk mousebirds. 

Mousebird silhouette


Considering that Oudsthoorn is very dry and receives very low rainfall through the year, it is full of life. We've got a family of day geckos that move around in the pot plants (they love my mint for some reason), but they are rather elusive and out of 10 photos you are lucky if you get one good one. Challenging :) They are also very well camouflaged. 

Day gecko

Of course, dry places tend to have very cool reptiles which makes me happy! The first day we were here, we were visited by a Karoo Whip snake. 

Karoo Whip Snake

And in the mornings some pretty birds like the Hoopoe come looking for bugs in the lawn. I don't know why, but there seem to be a lot of birds with funky hairstyles here lol. 


So back to my title - I've basically stopped using mainstream social media completely now apart from work. There are a few reasons for this, but I have realized how little I miss it AND how little people have missed my presence on it. I have had maybe two messages from friends checking in to say hi, that's about it. So yeah, out of sight out of mind, but just because I'm not telling everyone on social media what is happening every second of every day in my life, doesn't mean I'm being lazy, in fact, quite the opposite. 

My little family has been so much happier since we moved here. Sure, it's stressful and busy each day. We get on each others nerves occasionally which is totally natural, but overall, we feel like we can breathe out here. It has sparked our creativity, we are designing again, taking photos every day, spending time in the sun, my husband put up his first NFT for sale today (I'm really proud of him because it's seemed too complicated for me to tackle NFTs just yet) and I'm almost finished with our website back-end. We have been more productive this month than we were in the previous 3 and that includes me being in bed for 4 days this past week with a tummy upset. 

I think this was one of the best choices we made - to move to a small town, I am loving every day of it. And waking up to this sunrise, who can blame me?

Morning sunrise 

And in terms of crypto, well, you'll be glad to know that I bought the dip. I didn't buy much, but every bit helps if you buy low. A lot of what I've learned about crypto I've learned here on Publish0x and I'm very grateful to the people who post helpful articles for the newbies, without those, it can be very intimidating. I mean, a year ago we didn't know much at all about crypto. We still know very little considering how vast the cryptosphere now is, but we are very glad that we got into crypto when we did. To end off, I guess I'm feeling rather upbeat about things of late. Even with all the crazy **** going down in the world, I'm taking it as it comes and stacking satoshis wherever possible :)

Until next time, have a beautiful day everyone :)

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