$SHIB faucet : LEGIT or SCAM?

This year $SHIB, Shiba Inu, came out of nowhere to become the new "King of Meme" and showed that the off branding world of DOGE was not only possible to gather support around, but be a path from obscurity to common tongue in a matter of weeks. Bypassing thousands of crypto with a purpose behind their project and many others with years of established footing in the crypto universe to be listed on almost all major exchanges in a matter of weeks. 


As $SHIB has risen to being a top 25 crypto in terms of market capital value, we see all the major "faucet and "earn" sites quickly adding the hot coin. Dutchty Corp recently added the coin a few weeks back. With SHIB still having their coin value at such a low amount the feeling of gathering up large amounts of a single coin makes your face smile as you see your coin balance grow to enormous amounts. Yet, now we are seeing as we do with every hot crypto on the market, a rise of faucet/earning sites dedicated exclusively to $SHIB. One such site is 


At first glance the site feels like a normal "earn faucet" site. It has offerwalls, a faucet, PTC, and it is linked to offertoro and other high paying "earn offer" portals similar to those you would find on the major faucet networks. The site does have a rough feel on the mobile version but the site does function at a higher level on the desktop version. 


on paper yes. the faucet itself will allow a tap every 30 minutes and the faucet yields roughly 1.5 SHIB per hit. However, the value is actually in that of the sites pseudo coin used for their system, which is 1 token. Now off of the faucet alone you would realistically never be able to withdraw, as you would need 3000 tokens to reach their minimum withdraw level. which would take if you were perfect on timing the faucet a minimum timeframe of 62.5 days. Assuming you never missed a minute of eligibility during that entire window. 

 3000 / (24 x 2) = 62.5  days

Thankfully they have offers, and PTC on the site to quickly ramp up your collected bounty. I was able to reach the 3000 coin level within about 30 minutes of working through the site and figuring out the best paying strategy, through offerwalls. 



Lets be real though. A site can say you have racked up an insane amount of value and that you have "so much of X crypto" but ultimately it all means nothing if you can't withdraw the funds to a wallet you have real ownership of. I'm sure many of us still have 50 dogecoins sitting on If you can't withdraw the funds the at the end of the day, it doesn't matter at all. So immediately with any new site that i am working on to gain crypto, i try and withdraw to any wallet I can link it with, because this is the test of real legitimacy. 

So i take my coin pile which equated to .50 USD which was about 12,000 $SHIB give or take. Upon going to the page the withdraw system on marks that for $SHIB withdraws, just give the email for your coinbase. So naturally i do just that. I submit my details, which they say could result in a 24 hour pay delay. I wait 24 hours then. Checking my coinbase account time and time again to see if it had at least showed up as a pending deposit. 

e389dfaa809068701bf0cfefc42eeff4d1acc0628638c5d06a3b70fb658aeea2.png     c56f3ac1f08f4a6838f9293128fc6d5510aa7daeb1fb4563e33af6473653dec4.png    

The transaction while being marked approved on, never made its way to my account, and now 48+ hours later, the withdraw still has not. I reached out to their support telegram.....which is a bad sign. Their telegram support has basically ignored my request and scrolling up in their chat is it apparent that i am not the only one with this issue. Also when I went back into their site, i remembered almost all legitimate faucet sites give you a traceable blockchain link to be able to track your transactions path to being fully accepted on the blockchain.  On there is no such link of proof available. 


Long Story Short: For now this faucet i cannot mark as legitimate. If things change and they reach out and we do in fact receive the missing bounty then we will change our stance and write a retraction, but as of now this site is not a legitimate faucet.  

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life is fun when you fight hard for fun. I am a crypto fan and holder. with the goal of being a hard faucet tapper all day long baby

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