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Obsessive Cryptocurrency Disorder
Obsessive Cryptocurrency Disorder

Obsessive Cryptocurrency Disorder

"In vain have you acquired knowledge if you have not imparted it to others." By Deuteronomy Rabbah, circa 900. A quote that I think summarizes the main objective behind this blog. It's a place for sharing trading ideas about the crypto world in the hopes of benefiting one another. It's also a place to test the validity of your insights in the face of the criticism of others.

Insider Trading on the NFT Platform Confirmed!

3 hours ago 1 minute read 0 comments LEMehdi

It seems like wherever you go, no matter what market you're trading, there are always people playing with an unfair advantage. Which was the case recently. An employee at OpenSea, the largest NFT platform with a valuation of $1.5 billion, was caught...

Living on Cryptocurrency Trading

20 Sep 2021 3 minute read 0 comments LEMehdi

Is trading cryptocurrencies for a living possible? It's the question that is on everyone's mind when they start trading crypto. It's the question that is on your mind too, right now! And it is totally legitimate. Why would you commit to something if...

Cryptocurrency Trading: The 4 Forbidden Biases

13 Sep 2021 3 minute read 1 comment LEMehdi

In cryptocurrency trading, or any other type of trading for that matter, being biased is making trading decisions on the assumption, not the evidence, that we are right. It's when someone has a predisposition of the market. In other words, it's when...

The Worst 4 Indicators for Cryptocurrency Trading

10 Sep 2021 5 minute read 10 comments LEMehdi

Recently, I've published an article about the use of indicators in cryptocurrency trading. After that, I published another one about the best 4 indicators you can use. This was a gift from me to you to help guide you in your search for the techniques...

The Best 4 Indicators for Cryptocurrency trading

5 Sep 2021 3 minute read 3 comments LEMehdi

Relying on indicators in your crypto trading is a good add-on to your trading strategy. It helps in keeping emotions out of your trading. Thus, giving it a strong structure. Especially when you combine only your best indicators together. The results...

Cryptocurrency Trading: How to Use Indicators to Maximize Profits

4 Sep 2021 6 minute read 0 comments LEMehdi

Cryptocurrency trading, or any other trading for that matter, is highly unpredictable. George Soros, the legendary trader and who made $1 billion dollar in a single day on his trade against the GBP, once said:  "The markets generally are unpredictab...

Keep a Close Eye on these 4 Hot Altcoins!

2 Sep 2021 4 minute read 1 comment LEMehdi

According to Crypto technical analyst, founder and CEO of Birb Nest, Adrian Zduńczyk, there are some altcoins that are due to outperform bitcoin in a  "legendary" way. Many other crypto experts are expressing their growing belief in a probable 10 to...

How I got 1,591% profit

1 Sep 2021 5 minute read 1 comment LEMehdi

Lately, I've been posting many articles about trading cryptocurrencies like risk management and trading psychology, as well as other topics that I think would help the community by providing some of what I learned over my years of trading. However, I...

NFT News that Are Tipping the Scales: NFTs in the spotlight

31 Aug 2021 3 minute read 0 comments LEMehdi

NFTs are all the hype right now, and for a good reason. A NFT, as I’m sure many of you know by now, is a trustworthy new way of certifying that a digital asset is unique. Which helps it being not interchangeable. This could be applied to photos, vide...

Why Staking your Crypto Is Probably a Good Idea!

30 Aug 2021 5 minute read 2 comments LEMehdi

Nowadays, thanks to all the advancements in cryptocurrency and Decentralized Finance (DeFi), it has become more obtainable than ever to multiply your passive income streams and improve the quality of your life by making every minute of your time more...