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So much red for even my comfort

The free market will reign supreme.

The will of individuals always collapses infront of the crowd. Every time an idea takes a move it comes at a disadvantage. But it exists to seek them and find the flaws then mold them into a culture. Where we all start falling in place to construct the path we want but didnt choose. 

Family seems to be the ideal behind any movement. The connection to others and the process of communicating ones true feelings and expression. 

I cant tell anymore the reality that i see and my head spins around every thing i desire. I wonder if i am selfish or just unheard. It takes me to be away in order to feel what i should have when i should have been present. As a question i pose why i am working and what i am working for. 

Traveling will set me free i would say but then what ever i longed for seemed stuck in the color red. Every day i notice the decisions i made and their impact on my life. Feeling the high of life every time i get passionate. Or do i get high off the passion that seems to have its own conciousness which is probably draging mine. 

I dont want to trade the markets but the ways of its movements bring me a fear that trust has hidden. The idea that i will succeed trumps all but still finds its ways into the abyss which is my own happiness. Red is the color i want to see. But life makes me anxious about all the things that it can bring with it, knowing well into my structure that i have not accomplished anything worth showing and have only placed my money where my mouth is. 

I want this to be my world but every day i realise my weakness and every day i realise my limitations. I dont like it! To live your life as a hero wasnt what i wanted. Yet the presence of change brings me to always be the guy pushing the conversation to the ones who dont care. 

Am i doing this for myself or is it for others. When the time is satisfactory i always would look at others and decide they need this more than i do. But the truth is that the block chain and the crypto world is what i personally want. The space is what i need. A space where the society is reflected as a family to me knowing full well all of them are just interested in themselves. 

With so much red surrounding our markets i see myself having to be stronger in a world i love but also because others have rejected. Any time the market rejects me i seek the comfort outside without structuring anything towards its growth.

My reality hasnt changed yet but my desire for it seems to overwhelm me and the future i look forward to, gives me an anxiety i blamed on change. Im sure that the coming times will be hard but my decisions pave the way for everything i need to accomplish and everyone i need in my conquest. 

A day where my decisions align in the pattern that moves worlds. 


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Entrepreneur . Trying to build anything within my ability. Crypto/writing/blogging/economics/defi/fintech. Everything is now connected.

Observation of a reality
Observation of a reality

The expression of a quest leading no where yet growing in direction. A look through dead eyes on a world filled with life.

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