Colors of the world bring me life.

Meeting a friend after a long time. 

Lots of questions to be asked, but ny itch is to talk,explain and elaborate. Though i know nothing i still would know more than he would expect and to a future i look forward to will i want to include him? 

The comors of the woeld bring me life but my world has spread out to a setting where red and green dominate. As the trees would color the roads and the blood will shade our psyche. Our country suffers in real life but thrives online. 

A generation that witnessed the internet seems unaccepting of the new age where the internet itself isnt upgraded any more but restructured. How would i explain to him that red is a good color and that it teaches us while all he knows from it is the sadness ir brings. 

A world me and him share seems complacent to change while the world i chose to find my place in is needing of it constantly. 

How do i show him something that took me time to explore. Time most are unwilling to sacrifice under the guise of a reality that only exists in their head. People come and go. My table fills with them yet i always see myself alone at the end. These relations that once included me and had me include them have created a path rigid and unobstructed in their eyes. Yet i see the road taken filled with trauma that the modern man refuses to take respponsibility of. 

Coffee stand infront of me as i wait and in a unique understanding from my own reality.the refuge i seek is from a community that is more real to me in a world so fake to them. 

Our lives lie in wait for an appreciation we dont care to get yet we need. Is it our own insecurities that are easily seen among outsiders or do we value them to a point where we include them. 

I await a friend and the colors of life run through my head. My coffee is taking its time in anticipation to hear about the colors that drive his world. A part of me wants him to see what i look at. The ups and downs of my world yet a part of me wouldnt care since my future will include him and many others regardless of his choosing. 

 I long for the days to come but i am feeling a value in today that i never saw from a reality they no longer enjoy. I hope i see him in a sifferent light after all this time. I hope i am able to accept the decisions he is making without getting to excited to tell him about mine.

Red seems to be my chosen color. Yet its the green that gives it the contrast. Every candle stick brings with it the beauty of nature and within it we found a different world to bring true hope for the ones who cant see it. 

Our future will resonate with everyone and im perfectly fine if for now it resonates with only me and the ones that have the courage to look and accept what they see. 


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Observation of a reality
Observation of a reality

The expression of a quest leading no where yet growing in direction. A look through dead eyes on a world filled with life.

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