O3 Labs Quarterly Report:Q2 2021

O3 Labs Quarterly Report:Q2 2021

By O3 Labs | O3 Labs | 16 Jul 2021


In the second quarter, the team deeper-dived into the DeFi World. It is truly worth celebrating O3 Swap Version 1 was officially launched in April. We achieved cross-chain transactions of native assets by deploying aggregators on main DEXes of different chains and established the cross-chain pool in O3 Hub for executing transactions. Even more remarkable was the O3 Wallet users can swap directly in the mobile version.




O3 Swap

There are three functions now available in the O3 Swap Version 1:

1. Swap

Different from the existing swap in the DeFi market, we have integrated mainstream blockchain liquidity and our cross-chain pool to achieve cross-chain transactions in a single step.

Ethereum, BSC, HECO, and Neo are currently implemented in the cross-chain swap transaction. We have also deployed our aggregators to connect the liquidity from main DEXs such as Uniswap, PancakeSwap, MDEX, Flamingo on these chains.

There are three swap routes applied in the current version.

  • Single-chain swap: Swap tokens via our aggregators on the same chain. (ex., ERC20 to ERC20)
  • Cross-chain swap: Swap tokens via our cross-chain pools across different chains. (ex., USDT (ERC20) to BUSD (BEP20))
  • Aggregation cross-chain swap: Swap tokens via our aggregators + cross-chain pools across different chains. (ex., UNI (ERC20) to BTCB (BEP20))

2. Hub

The O3 Hub is at the heart of the ecosystem — executing transactions through the use of a cross-chain pool. Three cross-chain pools established in Q2 to provide liquidity:

  • O3-Pool: USDT (ERC-20) + BUSD (BEP-20) + HUSD (HRC-20)
  • ETH-Pool: WETH (ERC-20) + ETH (BEP-20) + ETH (HRC-20)
  • BTC-Pool: WBTC (ERC-20) + BTCB (BEP-20) + HBTC (HRC-20)

Similar to the Bridge, Users are able to freely swap the tokens across chains within the pool. Plus, they can deposit assets in the cross-chain pools to receive LP, and stake LP in the Vault section to mining and earn O3 rewards.

3. Vault

We held two mining events in three networks separately during Q2 in Vault: Ice Age Mining & Icing Sugar Mining

Ice Age Mining #1 Ethereum
Add liquidity to O3 Pool & Stake LP or O3 to Earn O3

Icing Sugar Mining #1 Ethereum
Stake $WETH, $1INCH, $MATIC, $SKL, $MASK, and $PERP to Earn O3

Ice Age Mining #2 BSC
Add liquidity to ETH Pool & Stake LP or O3 to Earn O3

Icing Sugar Mining #2 BSC
Stake $WBNB, $CAKE, $XVS, $AUTO, and $PANTHER to Earn O3

Ice Age Mining #3 HECO
Add liquidity to BTC Pool & Stake LP or O3 to Earn O3

Icing Sugar Mining #3 HECO
Stake $WHT, $MDX, $LHB, $CAN, $FilDA, $LAVA, $MAKI to Earn O3

The total locked value (TVL) within O3’s pools has already surpassed $700M and our cross-chain daily volume surpasses $14M daily. Thanks to the enthusiasm and trust of our users, we are stronger and more solid step by step.



O3 Wallet

Latest version

What’s New?
-Support cross-chain swap module

  • Optimize ETH/BSC/HECO acceleration & cancellation function
  • Optimize the loading performance of the discovery page
  • Optimize data loading performance of the homepage
  • O3 Wallet supports ParaSwap, LAVASWAP, MDEX, DODO DEX, 1inch Network, WooTrade, ApeSwap



  • 4.15 O3 Swap secures $2million Investment
  • 4.25 O3 Swap Trial Invitation
  • 5.10 O3 Swap Video Campaign end
  • 5.17 O3 Meme Time end
  • 5.12–13 O3 IDO Launch
  • 5.13 O3 LBP
  • 5.10–18 DeFiBox O3 Swap Trade Mining $10,000 rewards
  • 5.14 Ice Age Mining #1 Ethereum
  • 6.01 Icing Sugar Mining #1 Ethereum
  • 6.15 Ice Age Mining #2 BSC
  • 6.15 Icing Sugar Mining #2 BSC
  • 6.22 Icing Sugar Pool #3 HECO Vote
  • 6.28 $50,000 O3 Airdrop on CoinMarketCap
  • 6.29 Ice Age Mining #3 HECO
  • 6.29 Icing Sugar Mining #3 HECO



  • 4.01 O3 Swap Edition with Blue
  • 4.15 Crypto Royals &O3 Swap
  • 4.22 Flamingo Discord AMA
  • 5.12 DuckDAO AMA
  • 5.08 O3 Live 07: Evolution from a non-custodial wallet to a cross-chain aggregator
  • 5.10 Neo Reddit community AMA with PolyNetwork
  • 5.11 MXC Telegram Live
  • 5.17 Neo Live O3 Swap The first cross-chain aggregator in the Neo ecosystem
  • 6.09 O3 Live 08: CoinWind
  • 6.28 HECO AMA O3 Swap Series



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O3 Labs

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O3 Labs

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