Village life

By nvd5 | Nvd | 23 Aug 2020

Village life

Hi folks, I stay in somewhere in on of the village since one week.
When I not come here than I think that how is this so I consult on phone with one of them here.
When I listen so I little worried and not very happy and feel scared how I live.
But I decided that I can make this hard to easy.
By these steps....

1. Mobile battery power bank
2. Mosquito protection net
3. Hammock
4. Hunter boot
5. Few liters filter mineral water
6. Senetizer mask

Those are few you can edited these as your need less or add.
Now I am in village and I can say proudly that this is the best place in world.
Village life is peaceful.
No one emergency of going somewhere.
Here I see people go for sleep early and same wake early in morning.
Everyone is helpful here to me.
Here I feel that feel satisfied.
And I also use less my mobile phone which I was used in city.

Here I eat some different type of tasty food.
Here good quality of air.
If you want live pollution free life than you can start live in villages.
🙏 Thanks for reading

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