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By nvd5 | Nvd | 16 Aug 2020

We always listen about as you think you find same always but when
You think when really it's haapen by someone than what happen
It's have two site
As you think that its have only good for us but you wait and think its not good for us its have same pros and cons
Suppose if you develops these think power in your mind as you think so it will happens than....
Please not start think these type
Not developed this power in yourself and not to say anyone
I seems it is good till when we find always think good
Always any coin have two site 
If human mind think only one side than you can think if person is polite and humble than he can use his mind to good side 
Otherwise, he can very bad for us
So these story is all around the young man which have not any good situation in his life not any banifits from his service
He lives in mountain area where he only can see mountain plain
When his family and villagers need water they went miles away which very away from this mountain
Young man which name is suresh oftenly tell to his villagers why we goes to far away whY we live another place , why we not any bell here ,why we not do some new
How is it possible dear suresh
How can you say this cheap think
Said his mother
What's the problem
We only do here hunt small animal for  his skin
We only here only for forest fruit
Listen you all of can do these work but I can't
Boy keep in limit
And don't talk in loudly manner if all villagers ready to your opposition than we can out you from these place
You should remember only one think
You are for village
You only for village
If you think you can't do this work than we should take a decision
You understand
Said one of old man and he is also pradhan if this village.


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