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By nvd5 | Nvd | 15 Aug 2020

How you can busy even you have not work after education.
Look it's a life their is no one affected who are you and what will your happend besides your good wishers.
Now come back to the topic
How you can busy
The plan
Make a plan of your upcoming few years and walked along with this. Here no one suggest you tell you you do this.
You have own plan and work on this.
**Start to reading books it can be anyone which you like try to technical books.
**Start writing don't be silly start fast and write on your notebook which you want which you like write which is in your mind try to write your mind image.
Believe me if you write three or four times in a week than see after one year or few times you make a splash you have now something thousand pages

**Garden don't grow plants only for flower or show off
Time and money is important so please convert your garden into kitchen garden.
Like 🍅 ladyfingers, chilli, salad
When you pickup these after few months this happiness is worthy for you.
**Pat you can buy one pat this one is live with you always suppose if 🐢 turtle in your home than your few time of your days spent with this little.
And imagine now when you have noone which one you give happiness..
Thanks for reading 🙏


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