By nvd5 | Nvd | 20 Aug 2020

when my childhood days I never think about what will happened upcoming why these happened and many more
when I goes to my school I never think about much more I looked my school which is my near from my home
my home is in a island which is situated in the the sea
one images which I was very like
that I looked ship when some ship come with the team.
an old man tell me about this to me
it's vey Important to us.
sea is lifeline of our island.
old man was a retire person which spent his whole life in a ship
After I returned home
But it is the eagerness from my mind was not I then quickly
The same old person to have what
What you let me just take in what you me about it and can tell what you I This Island about and some can tell, I think you have a lot of information not
Your victim from the smoke make, he says to me Look child it's child's play so is not
Here I tell stories that not sitting I go to your house and your mother and father stay near wasteful of time
US made baby her so scold I slightly turned away and he began to look
His long white beard
Then I did something naughty today
You sitting here me information about it can not give what
What are thinking
Older people then children always stories relate that thinking to understand that the stories heard are
When my hand twisted the Saw and began to say Come
Such a thing is not that I think you followed by deliver am
Near me, come near me sit in

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