How I not miss my childhood days

By nvd5 | Nvd | 17 Aug 2020

How i not miss my childhood
Friends every human grow child to old age these are process of human life.
Most of the people like childhood days and miss them in his old days and few miss them in his middle age.
Now i am not in my childhood but i not miss 🧐
These are some reasons.
Habits choice
Yes i not quit my habits and choice after years.
When I was younger than draw painting and still draw.

Writing....... yes I still write
Yesterday I remember that when I write in my childhood days than my two fingers have got marks of pen in the near of nail corner.
There was make one pen shape which image I can see now.
And today I also write.
It means that my childhood days and now are same in this thinks.

🐚 collection
Strange but I did😆
Childhood to now I still collect new type of 🐚 collection.
Whenever I goes near of sea or any shop I bought. Or collect on beach.
Now in my opinion it can a views of mind what you think if you think you old than you old.
And same this concept in child cases.

One more situation I can say you surely that are people's also if you meet and contact in regularly same people and society which are connected to you from your childhood days than your mind should not to look in past.
If you want to peace in your life than I suggest you don't run only for money and work this is life and spent few time of your days to do your childhood hobby's. They can give you happiness which worth's more than your credit card.


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