Bitcoin trading

By nvd5 | Nvd | 13 Aug 2020

Note:Trading is highly risk so dont try without lots of practice.

I have new car which i purchased last week.

How it is possible

Yes it is.

Bitcoin trading

Exchange: Their are huge exchange which provide Trading in bitcoin.

1. Account


Timing: Now a days cryptocurrency trade all time you can manage which one time is perfect for you.

Strategy:Don't  jump please make a proper strategy and work or trade according this.

Risk reward ratio: trading like a two sided sword it's can give you profit than also loss So don't be greedy. And when you got your target than quit. Also do this in loss cases.

Volume: always keep your eagle eye on the volume it is the soul of any currency which trade.

Trading plan: Don't trade everyday, you can trade when you feel comfortable and got sure signal which according to your strategy.

💻/🖥️/📱: It's depend on you🌝

Trade less: Meanse you should not trade with your all money, you can trade by your 10% of your money, suppose unfortunately you not hit your target than you have chance to edit your mistakes.

Keep calm: when you lock your order it can both buy or sell than please not aggressive even they goes opposite according to your strategy you should calm

Research: trading is not a copy paste job always keep in your mind that it's a own  research game.




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