5 interesting facts about the human body

By STAB1995 | Organs and how they work | 10 Mar 2021

Like I have said in a few of my other posts I love to read and write about facts and mythes of the human body. After doing some research I found another few interesting facts for you. Have fun.

#1 The human body grows more in the first 2-3 years than during the rest of its life.

                                                                             Meting, Millimeter, Centimeter, Meter

#2 Our biggest muscle is around 1,420 cm3 and its name is: m. Quadriceps femoris. It is located on our thighbone.

#3 Our smallest muscle is around 1.27 mm and its name is: m. Stampedius. It is located in our ear.

                                                                             Wijsvinger, Grote, Kleine, Stel Voor

#4 The human heart beats around 36500000 time per year. 

                                                                             Hart, Liefde, Zonsondergang, Vorm

#5 The human eye is around 576 megapixels. 

                                                                            Camera, Lens, Slr, Afbeelding, Fotografie, Apparatuur

I hope you had some fun reading.

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Kind regards,

Sascha Bargi BSc. Pt. & MSc. Ost. in training

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Organs and how they work
Organs and how they work

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