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10 random facts about the human body

Sometimes when I have a few minutes to myself, then I like to read about some random facts. I am always so impressed about our body. Here are some random facts about the human body.

FACT 1: Fingerprints are formed as early as the first two months in a baby's embryonic development stage.

FACT 2: Every person blinks around 12,000 times a day

FACT 3: The hyoid is the only piece of bone that does not make a joint with another bone

FACT 4: The talus bone is the only bone without any muscle attached to it.

FACT 5: When you flush, the stomach wall also turns red.

FACT 6: Not only people have unique fingerprints, but koala's paw prints are also unique.

FACT 7: Right-handed people live longer on average than left-handed people.

FACT 8: Teeth cannot repair themselves.

FACT 9: Our lips are so red because of the large number of capillaries under the skin.

FACT 10: Studying and learning new things lowers the risk of getting dementia. So study more and read more posts.

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Kind regard,

Sascha Bargi BSc. Pt. & MSc. Ost. in training. 




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Organs and how they work
Organs and how they work

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