UMA's grand entrance to Coinbase

By Foivos Karkanis | Numericon | 11 Sep 2020

Starting today, one of the most interesting cryptocoins right now, UMA, made its appearance on Coinbase's tradeable assets. UMA is also available to buy, sell and convert on iOS and Android Coinbase.

What exactly is UMA?

According to the official post, UMA is an Ethereum token that works as “an open-source protocol that allows developers to design and create their own financial contracts and synthetic assets.” The name UMA means Universal Market Access, which is one of the main goals of this protocol. To be specific UMA is designed to power financial innovations made possible by public blockchains like ETH.

Company's Goal

"We believe deeply that financial markets should be universally accessible and open, a vision we know is shared by financial regulators globally. The potential of decentralized finance is truly exciting—provided that regional laws and regulations protecting consumers are respected. UMA is an open-source, permissionless, and censorship-resistant protocol built to power safe and responsible financial innovation."


UMA in Coinbase

UMA was quickly loved from Coinbase's users, hitting an insane 88% buy percent. Its Coinbase price right now is around 15 euro with a possitive +4% increase. Looks like UMA is here to stay and is probably a good time to invest and explore this underrated ETH token.

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Foivos Karkanis

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