the Yonko deserve more in one piece. One piece did not do enough with them.

By Nuggets | nuggets talk | 11 May 2022

One-piece didn't handle the Yonko Well. They flopped and now they are defeated.





The serious question does anyone still hope for a confrontation between big mom and Luffy.

Practically no one cares about Luffy fighting big mom in the future at this point. because all the stem has been sucked out of this encounter like when Luffy got wack out of gear four. there is no more anticipation building because she lost to kid and law and Luffy is now a god. What's the point.

Can you imagine, that Big mom was never the main antagonist of an arc, and don't say Elbaf, because there is no momentum left for her to do anything? She lost, she is a non-important character in an arc.

Oda really messed up with the Yonko’s not all of them, just these two. And they both got defeated by newbies in the new world. You can't tell me There are hundred of pirates in the new world, and none could defeat big mom except kid and law, who all we know took a bunch of L’s in every other confrontation up until this fight. How did Law go from losing badly to Doffy to suddenly fighting Big mom? Same with Kidd, that's where I have some problems. In between, there was no progression shown. Oda effectively just power scale his characters to whatever level needed to defeat Big Mom or are you telling me Big Mom has always been this weak.  Or are we going to say make the excuse that, because Big Mom and Kaido fought, plus the rooftop that means she is so much weaker now? I don't know how strong she is, because we saw her fight before this. How am I supposed to tell how strong she is.



Where did the big mom vs Kidd and Law fight go wrong

  • First of all, I love this fight. Yes I know, a contradiction. The main reason I love this fight is that it's not Luffy who defeated big mom. I was worried that Oda would not give any character other than his loveable Luffy a win, and make Kidd and Law effectively jobbers, for Luffy's eventual win over her. In the end, that was not the conclusion. I also love that we saw abilities showcased by both parties but this is too late, everything in the fight feels hollow in sense.


  • This fight is probably the most interesting fight in terms of tactics. It's also the most intriguing to watch since we have never seen these people fight before .this is a double edge sword. That's a good thing, but also bad. There is no history between them. Usually, with major fights you need to have a history behind it, like why are they fighting each other, and what grudge are they bearing. All This information usually gets revealed to us through dialogue. the conversation was not personal enough between them. To this point the best personal confrontation between two one piece characters is law and doffy.


  • Imagine this fight, for example, how cool would it be if we found out during this fight which sweet commander Kidd ruffed up. I know all of speculated who Kidd fought in 928. If Big mom had mentioned ” Commander smoothie”, and we get a flashback to this, that would make this fight way more personal. We have a bigger reason to root for Kidd to defeat big mom because he lost to her family once before. Damn, why didn't we learn which Person Kidd fought, did Oda forget.


The Yonko needed on-screen feats before their defeat.

  • Oda tends to introduce a character just in the same arc as their defeat.
  • Of course I not talking about the Yonko, we got introduced to them since pre-time skip and that hype them up a bit. What I mean is, that Oda only tends to reveal things about them in the same arc they are revealed. At least with Kaido, in his introduction, we saw him destroy three supernovas. So he had an effect on other characters in the world. Did Big mom have an effect on the story? yes she did in Fishman island but that's kinda it , really.

You might not think this is much of an issue, but to me, the small things like this are what build up the world and characters. Things like hearing about other characters’ exploits in the world, before we get an intro to them make the hype feel more real. What if we heard before the whole cake island storyline, that Big Mom wrecked a few pirates worth half a billion dollars, and it was in the newspaper, that such and such crew got single-handle death with but Big mom. I know, we know she has a status of a Yonko, so we already know her perceived strength but there is a saying in writing show don't tell. Any on-page feats performed by Big Mom would have been a benefit to the series. These feats are not just for her but would be a gauge of strength for where we could place Kidd and Law on.


Kidd and Law have awakened. WHAT?

  • Kidd and law needed more fights as well before they defeated big mom, this is not just a Kidd and law problem, this is a supernova problem, any other than the straw hats any other pirate group, what feats did they have, what journey did they go through. I don't know, but somehow we have Kidd and Law talking about awakening, WHAT!. Out of the blue, they talking about trying to awaken powers. Huh!  Does not make sense. Again, I love the powers they had. I love that they fought Big Mom, but I needed to see them struggle against other opponents and show off their fighting styles before we could talk about awakenings. 







so yeah these are my problems with this fight.

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