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How to watch movies and pay with crypto?

April 14, 2021 by Walt

Today, millions of products and services are available for purchase to crypto investors. The entertainment industry operators are also steadily starting to adopt crypto payments. Currently, there are already cinemas as well as online platforms which allow viewers to pay with Bitcoin. However, some top movie theaters and streaming services such as Netflix have not yet incorporated crypto as a method of payment. Nevertheless, there are still ways to use your favorite coins, even at places that do not provide the option of crypto transactions.

Cinemas and Platforms that Accept Bitcoin

Major Cineplex


Thailand has earned the reputation of an ultimate vacation destination thanks to its scenic nature and amazing beaches, which attract thousands of tourists every year. Yet, it turns out, the country also has great companies which are not afraid of embracing state-of-the-art-technologies and are willing to respond to the needs of all types of customers. For instance, Major Cineplex, one of Thailand’s largest movie theater chains, recently introduced crypto payments in several of its cinemas around the country. The project began in March of 2021 when Major Cineplex launched it at its Bangkok movie theater. By the end of the year, the operator plans to expand the list of cinemas with the crypto payment option to thirty-nine locations. The process of buying a ticket with crypto at Major Complex is similar to the standard debit card method yet involves the necessary step of installing the app of Rapidz, a local payment-processing start-up. The company set up a kiosk that allows clients to choose the crypto payment method with Rapidz wallet and then pick any coin in their wallet to perform the transaction. After purchasing the ticket, the kiosk will print it out, and it will be eligible for use.

Cine Multi

Just like Thailand, Brazil also can boast exciting landmarks, and the movie theater Cine Multi is definitely one of them. Located in the city of Florianopolis with a population of more than four hundred thousand people, Cine Multi is the first-ever cinema in Brazil to accept Bitcoin. Fernando Costa, the CEO of the company, announced that the adoption of crypto payments indicated a huge step forward for Cine Multi. To ensure smooth and seamless crypto transactions, the business partnered with Bancryp, another payment-processing company that is committed to making crypto a viable choice for day-to-day activities. Buying tickets at Cine Multi takes several easy steps. First, the customer needs to install the Bancryp app, then top up the balance with crypto, and make a transaction.

Adult Movies

The Internet offers plenty of opportunities for those seeking to spice up their evenings with content from adult websites. Yet, not many people know that some of these platforms allow their clients to pay for a subscription with cryptocurrencies. For instance, one of the most iconic companies in the adult industry, Pornhub, features several crypto payments options, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Verge, Dogecoin, and even Monero, for those who wish to maximize their online security. The selection of movies of this adult-content provider is truly enormous, so it makes sense to purchase the annual subscription straight away.

Brazzers, the Canadian competitor of the previous company, also features crypto payments in exchange for its membership. The list of accepted coins is pretty much the same as at Pornhub.

Movies with Gift Cards


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