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A Detailed Look On Web Hosting Services Accepting Cryptocurrencies And Bitcoin

The use of cryptocurrency as a means of payment is gradually being adopted, especially by tech-savvy stakeholders that were already building IT related products. There are good reasons for e-commerce sites to start accepting crypto payments, as well as for people to start buying VPN with bitcoin.

One niche that has particularly moved fast to embrace Bitcoin payments is the web hosting service industry. Companies in this line of service are now accepting Bitcoin and other digital assets as the ecosystem surges in exposure in recent years.

This article features some of the web hosting companies that allow clients to buy web domains and upgraded features using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, etc. 

Before that, let’s look at why web hosting providers are accepting the sudden paradigm shift to crypto payments as well. While it may look obvious for crypto-biased individuals, the reasons for featuring Virtual Private Server (VPS) Bitcoin payments are fundamental and practical at the very core.

Opportunities for Web Hosting Services accepting Bitcoin

For starters, cryptocurrencies have presented an opportunity for people to initiate anonymous transactions or operations. This option to operate anonymously is a significant cutting edge when it comes to web hosting services, hence the value proposition in paying for VPS with Bitcoin. Web hosting providers can leverage crypto payments to integrate full anonymity within their services.

Another factor that has influenced the shift to ‘Bitcoin’ domain registration is the flexibility of crypto at a global level. Merchants from anywhere in the world can accept crypto payments and have their funds within minutes regardless of whether they are banked. Similarly, web hosting companies have realized that a good number of their clients prefer to pay for hosting with Bitcoin.

Key Features to Look for in Bitcoin-friendly Web Hosting Providers

In any burgeoning market, there are oranges and apples; for the fruits’ sake we won’t label either as good or bad. Nonetheless, the point is web hosting companies are different including the ones that have already integrated Bitcoin payments. Therefore, if you’re looking for a web hosting company, you have to consider some other factors besides the incentive of making VPS Bitcoin payments.

Here is what you’d typically expect from a competent web hosting service provider that accepts Bitcoin;

  • Crypto payment gateway – This is the avenue where you can initiate Bitcoin payments to receive a domain registration; in most cases, web hosting companies leverage the services of a crypto payment platform while a few have opted for manual transfers.
  • Significant storage and bandwidth – Leave alone paying for VPS with Bitcoin, if you’re looking for a good web hosting provider this is one of the fundamental features to put into consideration; you don’t want unnecessary downtime due to insufficient bandwidth or storage.
  • Anonymous web hosting Bitcoin – Crypto has pivoted as a privacy-oriented payment method; that said, web hosting companies that accept Bitcoin should provide you an option to buy domains anonymously.

Well, let’s now take a deep dive into some of the web hosting providers that accept crypto and have positioned themselves as industry leaders.

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