The Smart Work that Works (Full Procedure/ Step by Step)

By Z Lady | Now or Never | 20 May 2021

Hello readers,

I will write this post based on my personal experience and in simple words that even a newbie will understand. 

I heard about cryptocurrency almost a year ago and found it interesting and began exploring deeper. Neither was I having a laptop or a mobile number to start with. I was not broke but it's just that my family would not support my idea, so I kept on digging in deep with nothing in my hand. 

BECAUSE I HAD NOTHING, I WAS NOT SCARED OF LOSING ANYTHING. Remember this statement, it always guided and motivated me. 

Today, I'm on my way in the following process but believe me, if you try this, in the next few years, if Allah wills, we might be earning a decent amount. 


Step 1) I had nothing but just an empty old phone. I wanted a phone number to create a bank account but I did not have it. Buying it was not an option either. I installed this app called TalkU 

I'll share the link from the Play Store:

Its rating is 4.2 today but the best thing I love about this app is that it allows you to get a toll-free number for a few coins. You can easily earn 750 coins by watching continuous ads and in a month, you can get an American, Canadian, French, etc number free for a year! And as far as I've experienced, it's always been safe and it protects your privacy. 

A pro tip: If you plan today to get a business number, earn the TalkU coins and write the blogs on Publish0x simultaneously! 


Step 2) Now, you have a business number and you can easily create an online bank account with PayPal or get a Visa card after proper verification and OTPs.


Step 3) At this point, my bank budget was zero.

  • Firstly, I was a keen writer for a long time and you can check a few of my writings which I'm posting free on Instagram at (@shadowysecret). I used to pen down quotes, motivational thoughts, etc.
  • Secondly, In tenth grade, I wrote a book which I am publishing on Publish0x these days. I will not say that I earn too much, with 2000+ views, 100 likes, and a few followers on this amazing site, I've earned around 5$ in just 17 days.

A point to be noted here, I post every day even if I'm tired or sick. When there's a mission, you are not allowed to stop. 


Step 4) Now I have enough money to withdraw and I did take it out for the first time a few days back. That was one of the happiest moments of my life. I earned my first income at a very young age! 

Now, I had an option between trading and investment. 

I'm a school-going child in twelfth grade and putting in a lot of time into all this was impossible. So, my plan of trading got canceled for now and I researched more about investment. 

I live in India and I used this app called CoinSwitch

Or if you belong to any other part of the world, I can suggest you some apps to use as crypto wallets too.


(It helps in trading too) 

Or WazirX

You need to search according to your own need and then log in and make a wallet to store your crypto cash. 


Step 5) Purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum or Dogecoin for as many Rupees as you got! 

Coinswitch allows the minimum investment of 1.37$ or Rs 100

Within a few hours of investment in Bitcoin, your currency value will become double or even triple if the data is positive. 


Step 6) Coinswitch, like many other apps even lets you sell your purchased crypto and then transfers it to your bank account from where you can withdraw in Rupees. 

Now, I recommend you all to not rely on a second-hand number for too long. Once your investment is secure enough, buy a legal number and redo the process from Step 3. 

I hope my article helped those who needed this. If you'll tip me and comment down below *DONE*, I'll tip you back and maybe follow you too. 

Rest, if you'll lose hope in half the process, then you'll only suffer a loss of time and knowledge

Whenever you feel down, just remember why you started! You will gain a lot too- the knowledge is as wide as the widespread ocean and CRYPTOCURRENCY GOT A BRIGHT FUTURE. 


Rest, Allah knows best! 

: ) 













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Z Lady
Z Lady

Ayo, if you're reading this, you may find me on Instagram at @shadowysecret

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Now or Never

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