DOCK provides personal management of data Online

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DOCK provides personal management of Internet data with an intuitive and complete panel

Today, rare is that someone does not take years surfing the net. Internet has even become the "second home" of many people. In that sense, over the years it has evolved a huge market around data. Data generated with each of our actions. Sometimes, if not often ... we are not aware of what information about us is published and where it is not. There may be a picture of us 10 years ago in a semi-abandoned social network, or perhaps our personal mail posted in a forum that does not interest us more. In this and other everyday scenarios have thought from the Dock equipment; and after a time in the ecosystem, they have emerged as a powerful community.



Dock is a decentralized exchange protocol data, which gives people control and ownership of their data and creates interoperability between networks. Therefore, it provides a model of personnel management easy and safe. Providing monitoring and control of the original holders personal data through its ecosystem management. Through the online platform provided by Dock, users connect their accounts, and either one or more. Blockchain using technology, creating private registration staff administered a single panel for easy control. From that point, select where you want the data are kept and where they should be removed is simple task.



Model Voting in the ecosystem blockchain DOCK

The  polling station  is set up to facilitate voting proposals throughout the community. Surveys are published regularly at the center. Surveys, dealing with decisions taken in Dock. Therefore requested to vote for their preferred option in a survey format. This polling is configured to facilitate voting proposals throughout the community. Therefore democratization of final decisions passed by each registered and involved in the community user. L to vote browser extension requires MetaMask or using MyEtherWallet to ensure full functionality.

To ensure that interests are aligned voters and voting is conducted fairly, voting requires tokens DOCK. Candidad is not a necessary, will be used as a sign of belonging to the ecosystem. It is configured through intelligent contract being entered in the process chain blocks. While this helps ensure a transparent process, it makes it more difficult to cast a vote. However, the instructions are clear and simple. Therefore, pre-screen instructions to vote is advisable.


We know where our data are published? Dock is checked with a click

The scanner DOCK identity, provides a snapshot of your identification data are available on the web. That's right, a global tracking that collates the user data and the matching public entries. Thanks to the process described, can be found in a few seconds our data wherever they are posted. The process is as useful as fast, also monitors any change in this information. Know when your identity could be at risk and where it can be very useful both professionally and personally.

In this context of options from the process is sought and collated social websites, databases, data brokers and other public warehouses. Once collected public data across the network, the user receives an interactive list. In this list, the data is presented in a profile identity easy to understand and with certain operational actions. The process consists of the following steps and is completed in few seconds.

  • Exploring social websites and other public sources to find out what she knows about you Internet.
  • instantly save any public information found in your profile Dock. (Thus it can be managed later).
  • Monitor and report information if future changes.


Try it out  right here  and check the potential DOCK.


Part of the content of the article is extracted from the official publication team DOCK -how to submit a vote . Adapted to Spanish by Raimon Dominguez (me) with the required permissions.



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