Crypto Games Conference 2019 approaches

Crypto Games Conference 2019 approaches

By Cryptoray | NoticiasBitcoin_io | 29 Mar 2019

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Crypto Games Conference is approaching with this entry of April

Crypto Games Conference is the largest and most definitive oriented merge the "gamer world" and "universe Crypto" business event throughout Asia; in turn, essential for the gaming industry event that catapulted work Blockchain technology. The third international conference of Crypto Games will take place once again in Minsk, Belarus. The event will bring together more than 1,000 delegates and hundreds of companies from more than 30 countries for two days, 25 and 26 April. For two days they will enjoy networking, learning, and business. An event that has proved its excellent organization in previous years and expects to break records. With recent advances in cryptography, new releases and games ... Dapps entertainment is guaranteed.   The conference themes revolve around three segments blockchain games: Cryptographic games, iGaming and ecosystems and gaming services. Join the community of decision-makers of the best games Cryptographic companies worldwide. Get detailed information on fundraising, regulatory considerations, marketing, game development focused on blockchain and operations. Meet and mix with brilliant minds behind the products and services that create paradigms.  

Click here to visit the official website of The Crypto Games Conference

Crypto LOGO Games Conference

The numbers attest to the Crypto Conference Games

For something has created so much expectation among cryptonauts, organization and volunteers have demonstrated passion and reliability in previous events. The third edition of two days, as mentioned above; from 25 to 26 April 2019 and will feature an enviable cartel. The numbers are simply spectacular and high - level speakers. Without going any further, the CEO of Atari Frederic Chesnais will present "How Blockchain and offer Crypto opportunities". Attendees sometimes have to choose between eminence and prominence; since you can not be everywhere and the menu is spectacular:

  • More than 1000 delegates from more than 30 countries
  • Over 100 speakers in 3 business full of talks and round tables
  • CGC Showcase for startups and independent developers to show their games
  • Series events network firms CGC [pre-party, party, Mingle, etc.]
  • Hackathon blockchain games two days.

Among the highlights we can find: Waves, POA Network, Xaya, DMarket, Scorum, Edgeless, DappRadar, DAO.Casino, TrueFlip. DOGI, DiceyBit, ABYSS, Gumi Inc., Sirin Labs, GAEX, Total Games, WARFIELD, DreamTeam and many more; as aforementioned or CEO Atari John Wang NEO.



The links and official sources are listed below:

Link to Ticketing    Request Form paper    form for press accreditation

Other consultations in the contact section      Telegram Official    Official Facebook

Youtube channel with video presentations of previous conferences.

digital press and media kit

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