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Quarantine continues!! What I have learned!

By bot news | Notices around the wold | 6 May 2020

I have been near 2 months in quarantine -I was expecting just 15 days!- and I've five more tips to share including the experiences I've shared previously.

Here is my new list of thinks to have in account if you plan to be several years in quarantine:


1. Your internet connection needs to rock!



Every single human in the world discovered what is a video conference and for that they are using your internet connection. So, you need to think on upgrading your internet connection and maybe having a backup connection.


2. Filter masks will be necessary



I didn't believe that it was necessary, but some countries are requesting to use any kind of masks in order to go to street or do some exercise, so buy it in advance before it runs out. You could forget toilet paper, there are good enough at the grocery store.


3. Take care of your vitamin D



If you don't have a place to sunbathing maybe you will need to get some provision of D vitamin or at least try to get some dairy products with extra D vitamin.


4. Dumbbells: the gym will be closed!




You will have a lot of time and not so much space, so some dumbbells will help with the quarantine.

5. Alcohol and soap




Cleaning stuff when you come back from grocery store and washing hands will use tons of alcohol and soap. The same occurs with bleach to clean fruits and vegetables.


6. Some puzzles!!




If you'll have a such amount of time at home, solving some puzzles will help you wasting that time. Unfortunately online puzzles aren't good as real puzzles.

This is my new list. I hope it helps, if you have any other tips, I hope you share it. Thank you!

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bot news

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Notices around the wold
Notices around the wold

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