Freeskins has the highest paying offer walls!

Freeskins has the highest paying offer walls!

By NostalgicKnife | Clay's Crypto | 29 May 2021

I stumbled across this gem earlier today and within an hour I had 5 dollars worth of coins just from pay to click ads and quick 5 min surveys. The withdraw was available immediately which is always nice. For all 3 crytpo that is supported (BTC,ETH,LITE) the minimum withdrawal is 10 cents. Which is 100 coins. Withdrawing can be done with Coinbase email for free or sent to another wallet for a small charge. Paypal is also an option but the minimum is 5 USD instead.


I made almost 7 dollars so far. I've cashed out twice to see if the withdrawal is legit and both times, the funds were sent to my Coinbase wallet within minutes so it's legitimately one of the fastest ways I've seen to get free BTC.


I'll leave a referral link and anyone who uses it will get 100 free coins to start off with.



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