The ALTING partake!

By The Northern Skald | Northern Sagas | 13 Sep 2020

As the wanderer gets at ease in the Great Hall, an ale in his hand...


Dear LOKers! The North has an announcement for all.

We, the Northern Sagas, presents to you our growth faction, whom will be named [GoLF] Northern Skola and WE ARE PLEASED of implementing Odin's will, the...



Northern Alting Partake. What does Alting stands for? or Partake?. 🤨


The Alþingi (Parliament in Icelandic, anglicised as Althingi or Althing) is the national parliament of Iceland. It is the oldest surviving parliament in the world.[1][2][a] The Althing was founded in 930...

...All free men could attend the assemblies, which were usually the main social event of the year and drew large crowds of farmers and their families, parties involved in legal disputes, traders, craftsmen, storytellers and travellers. [section; Historical background, Foundation]



to take ,or have a part ,or share along with others; participate (usually followed by in): He won't partake in the victory celebration.

to receive, take, or have a share or portion (usually followed by of): to partake of a meal. [definition point 1 and 2]




This new initiative is an occasion for users to join our community, access an infinite amount of knowledge, as well as gaining a little monetary incentive out of this game. In the future also count on us to share our discovery in the Blockchain gaming universe! 😉


The Northern project

Our Idea since the presale was to create a community in the northern corner of the map where people could earn some crypto while get accustomed to Blockchain gaming in good company.

In that objective, we acquired 43 lands in the D1 sector. At current time, 5 of them have been sold.


We have decided to title our lands "the Northern Alting". Based on the oldest parliament in the world, the Alting, introduced at the beginning of this article.

While GoLF will be our safe zone in the north, providing a healthy environment to start learning about the game. It is also the alliance where we will account data of users participating in "the Partake" our land revenue sharing program.

Below you can see a visual of the League of kingdom Northern concept we present you.




Our first budget plan

We've thought many times over what would be the best way to share our land revenue and here is what we have concluded.

After 2 months of game play, working on Frozen Thrones internal structure, creating an active energy among our members and doing in-game diplomacy took most of our time. In this essence, we felt like sharing the work and revenue with a lead team would make more sense than keep running the project as a two man show.

Then we also are aware that at this stage of the game, no one priority should be his own benefits since the biggest benefit we can all receive is the success of this game. On this, here are the numbers.

  • Land[164523] plot revenue, in the future, will be used for League of kingdoms community oriented events which should/will/must bring activity to the surrounding lands and indirectly benefit our alliance and revenues. These events could be competitions duels or other activities like these.
  • Our officers will receive 5% each to assists us in keeping the alliance healthy. Up to a maximum of 4 officers. 3 for in-game and discord, one for Revenue sharing program maintenance.
  • 70% is shared among users (land developer, hive residents) based on a refined scoring system
  • The remaining revenue and resources produced will be kept by the Stronghold Landowners, Best Matt Damon NA, our alliance leader, and aume27Rrpmp. Find us on discord.


The dividend system


The system I have devised to ensure a fair and consistent scoring and revenue sharing process will use a mix of weekly help and donation scores plus monthly power increase. This should ensure that active users are rewarded fully, big spenders also AND the effects of war on returns minimized.


It will be enforced using Google Sheet and Drive services. Where we can apply formulas on tables, create Google-App-Script scripts in the back-end, generate PDFs and share it publicly.



  • Dividend structure plan is to be revised by core team every six month, we will reevaluate the situation regarding League of Kingdom and the revenue generated by the lands.
  • Proofs records; We will take the screenshots every week at 6PM UTC, it is done manually and a variation is possible.
    • The screenshots are kept for a duration of 3 months in a public folder on google drive accompanied by the Monthly Report PDF.
  • Distribution;
    • Asset; DAI
    • Tool; CCtip Bot guide;
    • Frequency; Dividend share calculation will be done monthly on the last day of the month. The revenue it self will be distributed when gas allow transactions below 5$ in fees. Taking into account, at present times, one transaction fee is close to half or more of our monthly total shares, it would not be financially viable for any party within aforementioned distribution scheme. Hence, distribution is set to proceed depending on such parameters. Usually in times wheres gas is reasonably low, distribution is be monthly.


Minimum requirements


Scoring system

  1. The system will work as a leaderboard with a fixed amount of 10000 points. To distribute each month.
  2. These points are divided in 2 categories.
  3. The first category will be based on your percentage of the total help and donation score in the month of all members on the hive lands.
  4. The other category will be based on your percentage of the total power generated in the month.
  5. Then a modifier of 10% will be applied on each user total point based on their positioning. Users that are properly placed based on the plan will get a 10% bonus, user that are on good lands but not placed based on plan get no bonus, and users misplaced a penalty of 10% on final score.


    6. The table previewed below will be public and exported as pdf providing a permanent version of each month results.



A future we can all look up to 🔥🌜

In addition to the actual initiative, we plan to create other revenue stream as much as possible. Creating events, producing content and other Blockchain opportunities that we find.

Yes! you got it right! Here's our new Northern Sagas Logo hope you like it ;) 🔥⚔️🛡️🔥


Image by a private artist, contact @aume27Rrpmp if you♥️it!


It is now time for you to take a path 


Join us LOKers! Join us and be a mighty Viking Thirsty of conquest and treasures! 

We the Northern Sagas! We are writing the northern prologue in the Book of LoK!

Blockchain is immutable, League of Kingdoms sagas are forever!

As freemen we STAND and regardless the challenge! WE! Stand strong!



Image from deviant art, all credits to thecasperart.


* The core team, allow themselves to modify anything at any given time about the Alting Partake project. Under no circumstance shall we have any liability to you.
* The core team, is not officially affiliated to League of Kingdoms and NPLUS entertainment stuio

Join us in League of kingdom:

official website (game is PC/mobile); 

League of Kingdoms official twitter; 

League of Kingdoms official telegram; 

League of Kingdoms official discord server; 


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