MemeFaucet IP Block (Solution)

MemeFaucet IP Block (Solution)

By Noodles | Noodles CryptoNoticias | 10 Jun 2019

Since the beginning of the memefaucet many people (mostly Latin Americans) due to a dynamic IP internet, have run into the following error (IP not registered.) For many the solution was simply to use another  wallet but many people this error happened to them very often therefore at some point the wallets were accumulated and it became very tedious to have to save them all (including new seeds).



How can i solve this problem?

To solve the blocked IP problem Just follow these steps

1.Copy your main wallet

2. Copy and paste in the Registration Box


3. After that you change any letter or number for any other one (Beware this edited wallet you will not use it to work ever)


4. You register with that fake wallet and enter


5. After that you wait 1 or 2 min

6. Enter with your main wallet (The one that is not edited)



And voila, you should have your wallet without IP blocking Ready to continue making your descriptions and not have to create more Different Wallets

You can also watch this video tutorial on how to remove the IP Block (here)

This solution was found thanks to the youtuber Hazlo Tu mismo 

PD: This information is for educational purposes only. We are not promoting the improper use of this solution and / or the faucet.

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Noodles CryptoNoticias
Noodles CryptoNoticias

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