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what is Symbiosis Finance?

well ,basically ,its a place for decentralized financial activities. As a tool, it is used to swap different crypto assets in a decentralized environment. Symbiosis finance further lets users swap from one blockchain to the other right from the comfort of your wallet. say you swap through symbiosis.Finance, an Ethereum asset you need on the avalanche blockchain. this is seamlessly executed ,all the while ,users retain funds.


-at its core ,symbiosis finance is multichain. users can swap and provide liquidity across blockchains without hassle.
-Symbiosis is essentially decentralized. There is no single entity lurking in the dark calling the shots. This censhorship resistant environment makes the tunes of freedom appealingly juicier.
-practically no one ,the team inclusive, has access to users funds as the protocol is non-custodial.

okayy ,now to the more fun stuff....this would be more of a literary appraisal-

-cant help but mention the friendly ,rather playlike environment. The user interface gives a very unique user experience. The vivid colours-all full of life, the background flip effect, the little toggle thing. i enjoy the comic relief. in a rather serious atmosphere of swapping across chains or lping ,these features douse the too serious, business-like atmosphere. its the little things right? think, that Dinosaur game. enough ode!

The $SIS token
This is the utility token of the symbiosis protocol. available on listed exchanges ,users can also get the token by providing liquidity through the platform, to and from the dominant chains and hence ,earn rewards.

aside: as a result of demand and user base ,chains with large userbases are prioritized. reasonable enough. Eventually, all chains will be effectively integrated. as a downside ,this might count as a small one. Also ,there is a minimum swap threshold ,which is no issue but as well should be pointed out.

Overall, the platform seems great-nice user experience ,hassle-free swaps across blockchains ,rewards in $SIS token. still in Mainnet Beta but already a viable product looking to stand the test of time. 
Symbiosis works.

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