Assault Campaign #2



The bodies of those who lost the #1 Assault didn't reach the bottom of the ocean yet and Lord Pablo already gave order to his associates to kill the boat's captain. It was unacceptable that someone was making money without the permission of the Boss.


Pablo: They want to come here and have a look? They will do that on my terms.

Mavnait: What do you mean? I don't want a horde of noobs coming here and peek around the island.

Pablo: They won't be alone. Call the Barons and tell them to form five teams. 100 assaulters weren't enough, we'll try with 500 this time.

Let's see what they're made of.

Did you enjoy our first Assault?

This one will have even bigger rewards!




Wanna join the second Assault Campaign?

That's how you can get the tickets:


29 June 2021 - 6am UTC:

29 June 2021 - 10am UTC:

29 June 2021 - 2pm UTC:

29 June 2021 - 6pm UTC:

29 June 2021 - 10pm UTC:


Further details about the mission will be revealed after the last sale.


If you want to know better about the previous Assault #1, please have a look here: Assault Campaign #1




The Barons were gathering their associates on the dock.

That job wasn't easy, sometimes they had to shoot a couple of shots in the air to calm people down.

Pistola was shaking his head, so Brummel asked: 



  • What's wrong?
  • We are not enough. In the first Assault we were 100 and it has been a bloodbath.
  • But now we're 500!
  • I still think we're not enough.
  • What do you suggest then?
  • We must call all the gangsters out there. Maybe we'll be enough for the third assault.




Welcome to the first part of the event.


Assault #2 will be divided into two parts: gathering and fighting.


During the first part, your team will compete with the other 4 teams to get a bigger pot for the whole team.


The fighting part is individual and you'll fight against Lord Mavnait again, but this time with better prizes and better chances.


The first part will last 72 hours and each team will receive one point for every person invited by the team members.
After 72 hours we will publish the final ranking, which will give the following rewards:


1st team  - Total pot of 200 grams of OG Kush haze + a secret bonus for the second stage.

2nd team  - Total pot of 150 grams of Charas + a secret bonus for the second stage.

3rd team  - Total pot of 75 grams of Amnesia + a secret bonus for the second stage.

4th team  - Total pot of 50 grams of Nepal + a secret bonus for the second stage.

5th team  - Total pot of 25 grams of Outdoor + a secret bonus for the second stage.


Which team do you belong to?


If your ticket's last number is 1 or 6 then you're in #TeamEscanor (orange)

If your ticket's last number is 2 or 7 then you're in #TeamPistola (green)

If your ticket's last number is 3 or 8 then you're in #TeamVanGogh (purple)

If your ticket's last number is 4 or 9 then you're in #TeamBrummel (red)

If your ticket's last number is 5 or 0 then you're in #TeamBeenCopped (yellow)



(These will be available also for those who aren't Assaulters)


During the whole event:

1 new member invited: 1 MD

A total of 5 new members invited: 7 random MDs

A total of 10 new members invited: 1.5 random GRs

A total of 50 new members invited: 7 random GRs

Calculation and distribution will be done at the end of the event. 
There's no need to start earlier because we will setup a tracker bot right before the event starts.

Gathering period: Friday 7am UTC - Sunday 10pm UTC

Further details about the fighting part will be revealed soon, stay tuned!

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