How can crypto translate into fiat money? Doubt of a common man

By Greenghopper | nomoredoubts | 6 Oct 2020

**Have you tried to talk about crypto to friends and family?**

I have tried so many times and even recently, tried to onboard a friend of mine to hive and discord but it seems that she cannot grasp the basic facts and how it all works.

The above is an example of how things generally are at the present moment.



People understand money and are interested in hearing about how to make money. Gone are the days when it was all-important for a man to seek a job and support his family. Nowadays, the woman too seeks to work so that the children can be raised comfortably but also desires like a house, vehicle, and vacations can be fulfilled.

People know money but how many can claim to know about crypto?
They have heard about bitcoin but do not know about Hive, Leo, or Neoxag. Must they have heard about Doge, then?

Well. I am not sure how to educate those who come in my contact list, anymore because I have failed miserably. It is easier to win a battle on splinterlands than make my relatives understand crypto or why it will be important in the coming decades.

Have you ever thought about returning back to normal life as it was precovid era? Even if we do go outside, there would be the daunting presence of the face mask, oximeter, and sanitizer.

Whether or not covid disappears, whether or not the economy falls apart, whether bitcoin touches 50k, mankind will always hold on to their attitudes and doubts.

Technology took a huge leap and our grandparents would not have dreamt of communication like it is now. Likewise, crypto could change the face of the economy, no doubt.



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