Evaluating assets and bookkeeping

By Greenghopper | nomoredoubts | 2 May 2021


After I joined Hive I started to write down all my crypto transactions in a diary and it helped me a lot because I could refer back to the prices and the transactions I had done earlier.

If you do not have that habit, start now because crypto is what is happening now and will be tomorrow's reality. There is no going back now and if we record what we do today, it will be helpful for the future.

I am not going to dictate how you should do it or when or what but it can be as simple as jotting down in a book your daily activities in the crypto sphere.
Try to make simple entries so that it is not confusing to read later on. It has happened to me because I could not read my own handwriting, lol.




Wise investments

Bookkeeping is helpful in evaluating your assets. It helps you to go through earlier trades and learn about the price fluctuations and rise and fall. This will ultimately help you to pull out of a coin and invest wisely in other projects, of course. Sticking on to projects that do not promise returns and are stagnant is not a wise thing to do especially in the crypto land. There again, bookkeeping helps you decide.


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Also written on Leo Finance by the same author - https://hive.blog/hive-167922/@sayee/evaluating-assets-and-bookkeeping



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