NOIA Network Partners with Heficed

By Ethanmathew | NOIA NETWORK Fan Blog | 14 Sep 2020

Noia Network has 10 Heficed locations (PoPs) for their SDN expansion. NOIA has been working closely with their team and they've proven to be brilliant partners.
Heficed is server infrastructure and IPv4 lease, management, and monetization available in 10 data centers globally. #1 voted infrastructure service. Professional setup and ultimate performance make Heficed top infrastructure provider. They have a professional support team & sales engineers ready to help deploy your online project. With LOA Available and Instant Setup.


Heficed is such a valuable partner for growing the NOIA Network. Heficed provides both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, but most importantly, they have the best industry practices for IPv6 implementation. We can easily announce the IP range by using BGP anycast. So when we announce the IP range we have, the user is directed to the closest edge node.
Not only this, but they're also very flexible in providing a required amount of IP addresses.


In other words, Heficed provides the NOIA Network a ton of flexibility when it comes to quickly create custom networks.
NOIA Network is growing rapidly and technology giants are adopting the tech. Their partnerships and the team are proof that they have very strong use cases and soon they are going to make tremendous improvements in Internet technology.
If you want to know more about this amazing tech visit:

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