NOIA Network has Partnered with leading Technology Giants

NOIA Network has Partnered with leading Technology Giants

By Ethanmathew | NOIA NETWORK Fan Blog | 13 Jul 2020


I have created this design for NOIA Network the emerging blockchain company. Which aims to create the next generation of the internet by making it programmable and decentralized.

NOIA network has partnerships with leading IT companies and its services are being used by various technology giants.

Recently they have partnered with some huge startup programs like Oracles for startups, Microsoft for startups, and joined startup with IBM as Premium startup. To scale their network, utilizing its enterprise-grade technology and infrastructure. Initially, NOIA is eligible for $120k in cloud credits, which can be used for more than 130 unparalleled services from IBM. This will further streamline their development efforts and accelerate network growth. 

Before that NOIA Network has partnered with Oracle for startups. And Oracle added 12 new servers to the NOIA Network. These PoPs from Oracle Cloud in the U.S, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, the U.K., and South Korea are an important addition for scaling NOIA technology.

moreover, NOIA App has been listed on the Microsoft Azure marketplace. This means now Microsoft for startups will take a hands-on role with sales, marketing, and technical support upon launch.

NOIA team is working hard to launch the NOIA Platform very soon. Its no doubt a successful project and their market value are increasing noticeably. They have also upgraded the token model which will be used for accessing all Products of the network. 

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NOIA is working on a Next Generation of Internet by creating a Programmable Internet Architecture.

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