Press-release: BSC space battle Noft Games (released)

By Noft Games | Noft Games | 7 Apr 2022

SPACE, far from Earth — an abandoned spaceship became a battle arena for NoftsNoft Games has started!

Noft Games is a free-to-play blockchain deathmatch show where competitors battle for glory, experience, and BNB on the fringes of space. Technically, it’s a game built on the BSC network. All you need to play is a web browser.

The main characters of the game are Nofts. And each one is the BEP-721 standard token. It is your character who fights others and earns you money. With minting, “moment of birth,” Noft acquires an appearance and abilities. Abilities are key qualities for Noft success in the arenas. These six parameters (vision, agility, power, etc.) affect a Noft’s possibilities during a battle: how fast it is, how much HP it has, and how its field of vision is. The good news is that you can improve Nofts with gameplay!

Free2play and Play2earn

Noft Games has free-to-play and play-to-earn gameplay. Both of these are battles.

The battle is a deathmatch of eight Nofts. It has a time limit of 90 seconds. However, it ends earlier with the last survivor. You pick a Noft, set a behavior strategy, and enjoy a spectacular show!

Prize fund collected from entry fees and divided between winners:

  • For 1st place, you get 40% of the prize fund
  • For 2nd place, 30%
  • For 3rd, 25%

And for any place, you get EXP convertible to abilities growth.

There aren’t any fees from the other side for free2play battles, only network gas fees. However, they are limited to one for 24 hours and have a smaller prize fund, suitable for a first try, but the real taste of gameplay is revealed with play2earn.

How to start

  1. Get a Noft on the Marketplace.
    If you are still thinking about a purchase, rent a Noft for free. It doesn’t cost extra.
  2. Look around the Battles Page.
    There are two different sections for play2earn and free2play.
  3. Choose a battle and click JOIN.
    A battle can be identified by ID. Battles are different in the size of a prize fund, a map, and the participants. You can learn details by clicking on a row with Battle #ID.
  4. Pick a Noft.
    Look closer at abilities! They define Noft’s possibilities and chances to win.
  5. Set a strategy.
    Three different strategies — tactics of behavior that help to balance the Nofts weaknesses and highlight its strengths.
  6. Enjoy!

Tokenomic and Roadmap

Last month we played 1,000+ battles and raffled off 10+ BNB prizes. The amount of minted Nofts aims for 2,000 NFTs! Three main vectors of our roadmap are:

  • Equipment, weapons, and skins for Nofts,
  • A public token launch and fully on-chain architecture,
  • Game design improvements.

And the nearest plan is a new purchase model. It means a fresh Marketplace and mechanics of Noft minting. In this case, there is a 70% SALE for all Nofts now. All unsold Nofts will be burned, and new tokens will be made available for purchase by minting only. This means it’s your last opportunity to buy them! After closing, the Marketplace will turn into a secondary market.



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Noft Games
Noft Games

This competitive game lets you get characters, fight exciting battles, and improve your Noft character. Fantastic creatures named Nofts have been isolated on a spaceship and fight among themselves to survive.

Noft Games
Noft Games

Battle Royale Game on Binance Smart Chain! This competitive game lets you get characters, fight exciting battles, and improve your Noft character.

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