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By Noft Games | Noft Games | 7 Apr 2022

Do you miss the news from the world of NFT? No wonder, because there are so many interesting things going on there! Learn about the most fascinating news in the NFT world with us

  1. Now, to buy NFT on OpenSea, you don’t have to use cryptocurrency, you can use a card. Greater accessibility is provided due to the partnership with Moonray.
  2. The actions of some accounts associated with NFT have been suspended in WeChat (the Chinese equivalent of Whatsapp). The rules for their use with a ban on sale have been clarified. This was done in order to stop speculation carried out using user accounts and applications. In addition, WeChat sought to prevent the risks associated with trading cryptocurrenciesWeChat stressed that trading supporting NFT is prohibited on the platform.
  3. The Off-White clothing store has become the first luxury store that accepts payments in cryptocurrency at its branches in London, Paris, and Milan.
  4. Unilever, with its Closeup dental care brand, has issued the world’s first NFT marriage certificate, allowing couples to officially secure a wedding ceremony in the metaverse.
  5. Dubai Police releases 150 free NFTs. The collection symbolizes the values of innovation, security, and communication. Both residents of the country and foreigners living outside the United Arab Emirates will be able to become owners of digital assets. They can be shared with friends and on social media pages.
  6. Nifty Gateway announces a partnership with Samsung and the release of a new Smart TV NFT platform. This platform will be designed to buy or sell digital works of art and collectibles. Smart TV NFT will be integrated into Samsung’s new line of premium TVs and will allow users to connect their custodial wallets of the trading platform of interchangeable Nifty Gateway tokens owned by Gemini to the system.
  7. DC announced the release of 200,00 NFTs with Batman. DC next month will release the Bat Cowl Collection — a total of 200,000 unique NFTs, which are 3D-rendered images that draw on the Caped Crusader’s 83-year history. The non-fungible tokens will be priced at $300 apiece, meaning DC and Warner Bros. are looking at landing $60 million from the drop.
  8. Jeff Koons has announced a new project, “Phases of the Moon”, in which the author will present his first NFT collection together with Pace Verso. The collection is inspired by human technological achievements, as well as the author’s personal passion for the Moon. Each digital work will be coordinated with a physical sculpture. In addition, later this year, a group of sculptures will be sent into space, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the last flight to the moon in the United States.
  9. Stein van Schaik, a 21-year-old student at the Academy of Arts in The Hague, sold his soul as an NFT. In his message, Van Schaik asks an important question about the decentralization of the soul after its transfer to the blockchain.

The Noft Games team is happy to share the latest news of the NFT world with you. We are working hard on our game, investing maximum effort and time there. However, we are always open to new suggestions and your ideas! Don’t forget to visit our website and Discord to support the Noft Games project!

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