How to earn on NFT's

By Noft Games | Noft Games | 20 Mar 2022

At the moment, NFT is a trending topic in the circles of not only crypto investors, but also ordinary hard workers. With this art form now on the rise, how to make money from it is a mystery. Well, today we will talk about how, when and on what earnings on NFT are built.

NFT Airdrops. It’s a process when the NFTs are literally handed out to the lucky ones for fulfilling certain conditions. There are 2 main types: 

  • NFT holder airdrop. Giveaways for NFT holders. The only condition is to be the NFT holder of this project.
  • Giveaways for everyone. To get the long-awaited NFT for nothing, you need to fulfill certain conditions, which are usually limited to a subscription to the project's twitter and discord.

Create your own NFT. This method is not suitable for beginners. It occurred to every person in this field to create their own product based on the blockchain. However, there are millions of works on the sites that have not found the investor.

Play to earn, or "play to earn". Blockchain allows gamers around the world to do what they love and earn money. Every blockchain based game has its own ecosystem and economy. Players can receive various NFT items for their achievements in the game, which can later be sold on secondary markets.

For example, the Noft Games project, within which you can also buy unique Nofts, develop them and sell them on the internal marketplace. Their value is determined by in-game efficiency, so the more you play, the more you get.

NFT trading on marketplaces. You buy low cost, sell high cost. Pure speculation.

Staking is a way of passive income, in which holders pledge their NFTs, thereby ensuring the efficiency of the blockchain. For this, investors receive their well-deserved rewards.

Sharing on twitter. Distributions on Twitter are typical for projects that have a small budget and are at the very beginning. A chance that the NFT you win will give X's is too small. However, all you need to do is to retweet, subscribe the project's channel, subscribe the discord and tag three friends. You literally have nothing to lose by participating in this giveaway.

Noft Games one of the ways to earn some additional funds and have fun. Test yourself and try all our functional! The world of Noft Games is exciting and breathtaking. It deserves your attention in Discord and Twitter. We advise you not to wait, but to start playing now!

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Noft Games
Noft Games

This competitive game lets you get characters, fight exciting battles, and improve your Noft character. Fantastic creatures named Nofts have been isolated on a spaceship and fight among themselves to survive.

Noft Games
Noft Games

Battle Royale Game on Binance Smart Chain! This competitive game lets you get characters, fight exciting battles, and improve your Noft character.

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