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Polysports, the latest entrant into the fantasy sports market raises the bar for next-generation games by offering an immersive all-around sports metaverse experience on Web 3.0 to the community.

The blockchain-based platform combines fantasy sports with DeFi features to offer a lucrative earning opportunity to not just the players, but the entire crypto community at large. The gaming experience on Polysports is further enhanced by the sports NFTs metaverse that enables meaningful fan engagement opportunities for users as well as sports teams.

Driven by Experience

Polysports is the product of an experienced team that has been involved in the creation and operation of Prediction Guru, a popular sports app. With this project, they not only bring full-stack DeFi integration but also expand the presence of the conventional sports-based game into the metaverse.

While Fantasy Sports remains the main offering, it also appeals to collectors and traders with its digital sports memorabilia collection in the form of NFTs. The unique NFT offerings extend to include in-game elements and additional ownership benefits in the form of special privileges and pay-outs.

Fantasy Sports on Polysports

Polysports is a combination of many firsts, making it a one-of-the-kind fantasy sports platform. The prime focus of the project is to make it as user-friendly as possible.

With the platform available on Android and iOS devices, anyone, irrespective of their previous experience with fantasy sports can join the platform in no time, for free. Once they sign up, they can right away pick an upcoming match or a tournament and join the contest by choosing players for their fantasy team and earning cryptocurrency as winnings.

The Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) model makes quick gameplays ranging anywhere between a few hours to days or weeks possible, which is not only convenient for the users but also completely opposite to the model of playing through the entire season that is followed by traditional fantasy sports platforms.

The transparent scoring and leaderboard system employed by Polysports for each sport will enable users to score points based on the real-world performance of their virtual team members, and the one with the maximum points on the leaderboard at the end of the contest wins, taking home the cryptocurrency prize with real monetary value.

The endless utilities of $PS1 Token

The Polysports ecosystem is fueled by native $PS1 token, the lifeblood of the ecosystem. Its uses on the platform range from paying entry fees to contests, earning bonus and referral fees, purchase in-game items and NFTs, buy advertising sports, listing fees, and more.

Apart from these transactions, $PS1 also drives the DeFi features on the platform, offering additional revenue-generating opportunities for the community. When not playing, users can stake their $PS1 and NFTs to earn staking rewards and other privileges like exclusive access to events, merchandise, discounted platform fees, token & NFT airdrops, VIP memberships, and even minimize losses due to unfavorable game outcomes.

Blending Fantasy Sports into NFT Metaverse

As netizens gradually shift to the metaverse, Polysports ensures that they can still play their favorite fantasy sports in the virtual world as well. The Polysports metaverse with its beta launch scheduled soon will allow users to play, socialize, collect/trade rare NFTs and interact with their favorite sports stars and teams.

It provides an interactive environment for the users to engage in more than just managing their team while offering ample opportunities for sports clubs and teams to interact with and expand their fan base.

The range of NFTs on Polysports includes sports and entertainment signature digital assets, avatars, memorabilia, moments, physical art representations and more.

By purchasing the NFTs, users will not only maintain absolute ownership of some of the unique, prized sports collectibles but also gain access to free NFT airdrops, free gameplays, play and earn card games, and more.

Join the Web3.0 Fantasy Sports Movement Early

With the development in full swing, Polysports is on the verge of launching its IDO which is tentatively scheduled to go live at the beginning of Q2 2022. The IDO will give an opportunity for the crypto community to get their hands on $PS1 early on and start reaping rewards from day 1.

Those interested in trying out the Daily Fantasy Sports feature can install the beta version of Polysports Android app or wait for a few more days to access the iOS beta.


Polysports is a well-packaged fantasy sport and NFT metaverse project that bridges the sports and crypto communities, introducing each of them to the fascinating world of the other.

It comes as a huge improvement to the fantasy sports sector both in terms of usability and features. By integrating DeFi and NFT elements into fantasy sports, Polysports has ensured that all its stakeholders benefit from the monetization opportunities presented by advanced technologies.

You can learn more about Polysports on their website and the following links below

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