These Specific Kind of Coins are Doing Great.

By noBeans | noBeans - Crypto | 25 Jul 2020

Ever since these tweets Swipe SXP has gone on to do more than 100% gains. I was lucky enough to watch the Binance conference where they announced their partnership with Swipe so i decided to buy some SXP. The above tweet by user @BlieD3mise led me to think about various other coins other than SXP and CRO who are working in the same field i.e cryptocurrency debit card.

Swipe has made ATH some hours ago only.


While looking for similar coins, I found another one called Pluton PLU. They deal in the same field as SXP and CRO as well. This led me to buying a small amount of PLU as well as an experiment. Today PLU has done almost 200%.


To be honest all these coins required no TA. They are just the talk of the town currently and all are giving massive returns. Sometimes being aware of current happenings can net massive returns. I regret not going heavy into these coins but I have recovered my initial investment which is very nice.

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noBeans - Crypto
noBeans - Crypto

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