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By Ninidubr | Nikki's view | 20 Dec 2020

Lately many customers worldwide complained about Coinbase restricting their accounts for no reason. Being in a club of those restricted myself, I wrote an article on Publish0x: COINBASE IS RESTRICTING PEOPLE’S ACCOUNTS, CRUSHING AND CAUSING FRUSTRATION FOR USERS WORLDWIDE, PART 1.

I wanted to tell people they are not alone in this, they did nothing wrong and that there are many of us trying to find a solution.

I did find a solution for my account, it is unrestricted as of today and I must say, the solution is so simple, that, once you find it out, it makes you even more frustrated about Coinbase Support.

Cryptocurrencies are my passion, a hobby, a drug, however, I don’t live out of cryptocurrencies, but my regular job. I work with people a lot for fourteen years already. 2020, the year of COVID-19 was difficult for me in particular, because I missed working with my customers more then I missed earning money. I have nice savings, so money wasn’t the issue, it was the lack of human interaction. Seeing a poor Customer Support makes me feel furious with Coinbase even more, because they deal with people and their feelings in an opposite way a Customer Support should. I am sure, there is a lot of very smart people working for Coinbase, which is why, not putting this solution in their FAQ, is fascinating. Ask a child how to put an elephant in the fridge, and the child will tell you to simply open it and put the elephant inside.

Well, here is me, doing their job!

Some people where unrestricted because they just signed in to their computers, answered a few questions and that was it, but most of people where not that lucky. So, without further ado, here is a solution for unrestricting your account:

Sign in to Coinbase using your computer. You will see verification window immediately. Click X in the top right corner of the window asking for your documents. You will be redirected to Coinbase home page. Change URL bar from to At this point you should be able to enter your legal information as it appears on your government issued ID, passport or driver’s license. Double check all the information just in case. You might see a window saying Coinbase cannot verify your identity. Change URL again to upload the photo of your ID again. In a few minutes, the window will pop up saying you are verified and you can use your account again!

This is my gift to all of you! Write down in the comment section if it worked! Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and not as crappy New Year as 2020!

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Nikki's view
Nikki's view

Sharing my taught through deep blue seas of internet about some of my passions gives me an opportunity to discuss views that matter to me and all of those who read. Since 2017 I am learning about cryptocurrencies as much as I can and all though I have economics MA I am still learning and trying to bring good decisions while trading with crypto. Through my blog I share my experience, learning curve, ups and downs hoping I'd make some difference!

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