Biggest mistake and biggest blessing

By Ninidubr | Nikki's view | 2 Dec 2020

I don’t remember exact year, not to talk about remembering a month or Bitcoin price. But I do remember how I made the most important ‘giving up’ in my life.

I have just heard about some new digital currency. Someone named it Bitcoin. Its value was less than a handkerchief. I had some extra money, perhaps some 2000 $ I didn’t have to use for utilities, food, clothes, coffee. It wasn’t much but it was a nice student’s savings. Clicking some things online and just browsing around internet, I’ve found an offer to buy 100$ worth of Bitcoin.

I taught to myself: ‘It must be some worthless dream and fog selling product, but I could give up hounded dollars because they won’t make me rich nor poor. Well they didn’t make me poor, but they could have made me rich.

I started clicking trying to buy probably more Bitcoins than all of the people I know combined would ever own, but it was too complicated. I had like 10 minutes to spare while waiting for my sister to pick me up, but this buying process needed me to open this, then that, than some ‘wallet’……and 10 minutes went by, I gave up on it, met my sis and moved on with my life.

Some years later I started trading crypto and fell in love with the whole new world of trading. So far I did good, played with some extra money but made some gains.

Most of you reading this are thinking I am stupid, or misfortunate or crazy or whatever bad comes to your mind, but I beg to differ.

Since then, I graduated, started my own business, fell in love and got married, bought a condo with my husband, learned about how obstacles in life help you grow as a person and how obstacles in relationship profound good relationships and brake rotten ones. I am sitting in front of my computer writing this article in a wonderful home we earned by ourselves. Of course we took a mortgage to buy our own place but concerning our incomes it wasn’t a big deal.

Ongoing crisis in the world has put my business on hold because it involves travel and I’ve lost a lot of potential income in 2020, but I still don’t regret not buying Bitcoin (or should I say Bitcoins) years ago.

To this day that was one of those defying moments of my life. I don’t know what would have been if it have been, but I do know that I would be filthy rich. That defines you. I would have become a millionaire in my twenties without working to get there. I would have lost an opportunity to love my job, which I do. I miss it a lot but I’m sure I’ll be able to work again in a couple of months. I would have probably gotten lazy. Perhaps I wouldn’t have love as profound as the one I have. Perhaps I would own a place with ten rooms, but still one body which needs only one room, really. Who knows if my friendships would be equally honest as they are now?

I do know I would look the same as I do now. I’m very happy with my looks and there is no need to go plastic all of a sudden.

Those of you thinking it is better to have a bunch of money instead of everything I have, should ask yourself what is one thing accept the money which would make you the happiest person alive? That answer will tell you everything you need to know about your happiness.

Those of you thinking I am better off this way, congratulations, you are one step closer to happiness or you are already there.

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Nikki's view
Nikki's view

Sharing my taught through deep blue seas of internet about some of my passions gives me an opportunity to discuss views that matter to me and all of those who read. Since 2017 I am learning about cryptocurrencies as much as I can and all though I have economics MA I am still learning and trying to bring good decisions while trading with crypto. Through my blog I share my experience, learning curve, ups and downs hoping I'd make some difference!

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