Black Cat Appreciation Day

By Nifty Buckles | Nifty Buckles | 17 Aug 2021

Hi folks!

Today is #BlackCatAppreciationDay 

Here is a wee bit of folklore on black cats, most have heard of the negative superstitions so I am writing on the Pawsitive side of it. :)

Black Cat Bubble gum was popular in the 1960's

vintage Ad in public domain



In Scotland the arrival of a
black cat outside your home is a sign of  the arrival of abundance.

In Ireland, it is good fortune to sight a
black cat, on pivotal events such as weddings or beginning a long journey.

In England a black cat is a sign of good luck if it saunters near you.

In Germany if a black cat is crosses your path from left
to right then pawsitive luck will smile upon you

According to Norse legend, Freya, Vanir goddess of
love and magic, was known to drive a chariot pulled by black cats which were gifted to her from the Norse storm god Thor.


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